The Scared A novel

Ellen Jacobson is a twelve year old girl who is alone in The Forster House, a place that's known as a former mental institution in the 1950's after the end of World War II. When she meets the old patients there, she struggles to see out the night.


2. Ellen Jacobson-Part Two


Ellen looked down the dim hallway.

She ignored the pictures on the walls. As she did so, she saw a girl dressed in a nineteen fifties white gown, and was barefoot. In her right hand was a small knife. "​Play with me!​", she uttered. Ellen gasped with terror. "​No! Go away!​". The girl laughed. And the ghost vanished. Ellen shuddered. She saw Frederica frown at her. "Are you alright, Ellen?", she asked her. "No. I saw one of the patients. She had a sharp knife...and was wearing an old white gown. And was barefoot", she answered. Mary shook her head. "There's no one there honey". And Ellen gave up, and knew one thing was certain.

That the former mental institution was indeed haunted.

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