The Scared A novel

Ellen Jacobson is a twelve year old girl who is alone in The Forster House, a place that's known as a former mental institution in the 1950's after the end of World War II. When she meets the old patients there, she struggles to see out the night.


3. Ellen Jacobson-Part Three


"We have to go Ellen", Mary said.

"It's only overnight", Ellen said.

"I know", she said.

"Let's go!", Dan said.

Frederica gave her the key. 

"If you need help, here's my cell phone number".  

"Thank you", Ellen said. She got out her I-phone, and nodded. And then she waved at her parents, and awaited the darkness of the asylum.


The first room was locked. 

She couldn't go inside. 

Suddenly she saw a boy holding a dark candle in his cold hands. He wore a white gown. He was barefoot.

"Death is here, Ellen. A lot of death". 

"How do you know my name?", she asked him.

"I know everything. I'm Tom. I'm a patient of Doctor Forster, along with Meg...and the others". 


"The girl with the knife. She attacked her parents. And they committed her to the asylum. She is ​mad". Ellen gasped. And she watched Tom glide towards the second door. Written in faint italic letters were the words: ​The Mad Room​. And Ellen shuddered, as she heard a faint creaking noise. And she saw it was open by unseen hands. Then she went inside. Ellen saw a machine in the middle of the old room. "It was used for electroconvulsive tests on us", Tom said. "And did it work?", she asked him. "Sometimes; sometimes not", Tom said. The smell of death hung in the air. "I hate this room", Ellen said. And she left.

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