The Scared A novel

Ellen Jacobson is a twelve year old girl who is alone in The Forster House, a place that's known as a former mental institution in the 1950's after the end of World War II. When she meets the old patients there, she struggles to see out the night.


1. Ellen Jacobson-Part One


She gazed at the sinister looking Forster House. Her parents, Dan and Mary Jacobsen, were doctors; her face was etched with concern over the front of the gargoyle statues, whose ominous stares chilled her blood. "Ellen, come on! You're tiring from the long drive to Mobile, Alabama", Dan said. "I need to sleep, Daddy", she said. She yawned. "Honey, leave her alone", Mary said. Ellen, who wore a black Foo Fighters T-shirt, glanced at the tall woman who was smiling at them. "Come inside!", Frederica Price, the owner, said. Ellen shivered. Nothing bothered her, as she opened the front door with a silvery key.


Ellen adjusted her blue jeans with her small hands. 

She was tempted to think that she would have the vacation of a lifetime in Los Angeles, California during Christmas. Now, by January 2, 2018, the festive season was over. Ellen looked at the darkness. "Sorry, I'll flick on the lights", Frederica said. Her long, black hair was shining; her black dress was new. "The house was a former asylum", Ellen said. Frederica nodded. "After World War II finished in April of 1945 in Europe, every soldier who died in Germany, Europe, was buried in the new cemeteries there. By the cold winter of 1946 up to the summer of 1949, Americans moved onward without fear of nuclear war. By 1950, Psychiatrist Doctor Edward Anderson, III, who was fifty at the time, took over this house as a place to treat his patients. By 1951 to 1954, those who lived here were too insane to be set out into the public; by 1956 to 1957, Doctor Anderson had heart disease. He died on Halloween night, 1958. He was fifty-eight. On December 4, 1960, psychiatrist Anson Forster, Jr., who was thirty-nine, took over the asylum. He wanted a better treatment for patients. He, and his team of six doctors, and several nurses, did an exemplary job for a long time. By 1975 to 2005, Anson Forster was in charge. On Christmas Eve of 2006, he died in his sleep; he was eighty-four". Ellen nodded. "And the place closed down afterwards", she said. Frederica nodded. "Yes, it's for the best. The ghosts of the asylum are still here", she told her. "Really? Is it haunted?", she asked her. "Yes", Frederica answered. She laughed. "But I don't believe in ghosts", she said. And she walked towards the small office area where she opened the door with her keys.


Ellen stared at the framed pictures of Doctor Forster's family that were on the spidery creamy coloured walls. She shuddered. "I don't expect to see the patients' rooms". Frederica nodded. "No, they're closed up", she said. Dan looked around. As he did so, a cold breeze wafted across his face. Then he heard the sound of a child's giggling coming from the long, eerie looking hallway. He turned around, and shrugged. ​Am I dreaming?​, he thought to himself. 
And then he walked near his wife...and let the portentous feelings of evil leave him.


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