The Scared A novel

Ellen Jacobson is a twelve year old girl who is alone in The Forster House, a place that's known as a former mental institution in the 1950's after the end of World War II. When she meets the old patients there, she struggles to see out the night.


4. Ellen Jacobson-Part Four


Tom shivered.

Suddenly they saw Meg. 

She rushed at Tom with her knife. "​Death shall come to those who come here​". Ellen saw Tom disappear. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!", she yelled. Meg grinned. "​And why should I do that? I belong here​", she said. And she gazed at the sound of footsteps. There was a loud ​thudding ​noise. And, as the creaking of doors happened, Ellen heard the sound of a man's deep voice: "SILENCE, MEG! OR ELSE YOU'LL BE PUNISHED!". Meg dropped the knife on the dusty ground. "Father! Is that you?", she asked him. "Yes, and you'll die again if hurt Tom and Ellen", he answered her. And she screamed, and vanished into the ether.

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