Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts have become seen in a totally different way.


1. Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts have been thought about very differently lately. I myself am a fan of long sleeve shirts. They are comfortable and great for winter when the trees are bare and there is that shiver that tickles and runs down your spine. But I have recently seen that people see long sleeve shirts as a sort of device to hide yourself. They think of them as cloaks of shame. Your bare arms that once were set free against the summer sky now cut away in sorrow and pain from your future. Long sleeve shirts are to hide your mistakes and the person you truly are. People say you have to be perfect and have the perfect body and perfect makeup and perfect hair, and you tell yourself you don't have any of that and that you are hideous and that you need to do better. You need to buy all the expensive clothes they wear and put layers and layers of makeup on to at least look nice at school. You put on your dark blue long sleeve shirt that used to remind you of long walks with your family to the park on a rainy day but now reminds you of how terrible you are and how you’re not worth it. Day after day, cut after cut you still can't find the beauty in you. And everyday you put on that long sleeve shirt to cover up the pain and every night you tell yourself you're not worth it and cry yourself to sleep. 

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