Artemis fowls crush part two

Starting from chapter three let's see want Jessica has to say about Artemis Fowl


1. I freeze people

 yeah we all know Artemis Fowl takes a long time saying his part but now it's my turn." Welcome to Artemis fowl crush 2. My name is Jessica Dare. You can call me Jess or Jessie. Anyway guess what. Didn't know love if it  hit me in the face. Thlis was strange to me. He called one after noon while I was dogging into chocolates. " Hello?" I answered. "Hey is this Jessica?" He ask. I feel the smirk on his face now! " This is thee". I smiled a warm fuzzy feeling sprouting in my heart." Would you like to go to the library?" He asked. "I have a library at my house". I answered."oh". He said." What I mean would you like to come over?" I  said." Great!" He answer know I could almost feel his hot breath on my cheek." I have something to show you!" I said suddenly remembered my room.


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