Artemis fowls crush part two

Starting from chapter three let's see want Jessica has to say about Artemis Fowl


2. Android and cookies


i ran to my room and opened the door to my office. There stood a android that look my age. She was powered off. I unplugged her and came to life."Hello.You are you?" She asked.  "Hi Angie". I said. Angie's uncovered metal body was glimmering in the sun. I helped her dress in my clothes while she complain about her hardrive." Shut up!" I hissed."I sorry but that is not programmed in my hard drive"! She in the sorry not sorry voice. Finally bI unplugged her sound and her voice was muted though it didn't stop her from moving her mouth. " Interesting conversation".  A voice said behind me. I turn to see Artemis there.


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