The tale of James Potter's sister


1. The Studying

James Potter's sister was sitting in her bedroom studying for a test she was getting bored so she went outside under a tree. But before she could go to the tree Severus looked at her in disqust she was so confused but then remembered its because Severus gets bullied by her brother. She dropped her books and when she did Severus picked up the books and asked if she was ok of course she said she was. Later on they were in the library with Lily Evans, James saw Severus and turned him into a rat Ellanore yelled at her brother and he got mad at her a few seconds later Dumbledore came and made them all go to his office. Ellanore told on her brother and Dumbledore asked James what Severus did and James said that Severus burned his book Ellanore told Dumbledore that James was lying Dumbledore believed her. He gave 10 points to Gryfindor and Ravenclaw for Lily and Ellanore's kindness but then took away 5 points for Gryfindor because of James.

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