Painful Beauty

Four best friends, inseparable since Kindergarten have lived normal lives. That was until one snowy December day, something horrifying happens leaving one of the four teens paralyzed. Since then, not one of them has ever been the same but same or not.. romance buds.


2. Chapter two

Hoseok’s POV


Why can’t I just sleep already? This s***s getting old. In an attempt to help put me to sleep, I crawl out of bed to get a glass of warm milk. I read somewhere on the interweb that warm milk can help you sleep. I was told not to rely on the internet but at this point, I might just have to. It’s pitch black downstairs and I normally refrain from going down the creaky stairs to keep from waking up my family but I’ve told them of my issue and they seem to subside it as if its not an issue at all so if they wake.. well.. they wake. I pour myself the glass and heat it up just a little bit. Yuck! What idiot got this idea? I spit out the milk in the sink and dump the rest of it as well. No sleep for me tonight I guess. I walked back up to my room, extremely tired but unable and knowing I can’t go to sleep. I never used to have such problems until after what happened to.. I can’t think about that.. I refuse. But even as I want to keep that thought locked away, my mind just won’t allow it. I think about that day and almost immediately I can feel the sting of tears in my eyes. That’s just so unfair.. I cry silently, forever haunted of that event. 

1 month earlier

Thank gosh today’s the last day before break. Can’t stand these dipshi**s any longer. I notice my friend, Jimin, doodling in his sketchbook. I decide to write him a little note-

​"wanna come to my house after school? Yoons and Tae will be there ;)"

​I get a thumbs up from him and for the rest of class, I wonder about what we're all gonna do for break.

Before I know it, the bell has rung and I'm grabbing my things. A little late, might I add. Jimin is already packed and waiting for my by the door. When we reach outside, it starts to snow.

"Haha. Would you look at that. Mmm, it's so beautiful." Jimin said, admiring the snow.

"Not as beautiful as you," I nudged him, winking and smiling. Despite not getting a lot of sleep last night, I feel energized or even just good around him.

"Ahh, take your cheesy lines somewhere else," he lightly punches my arm but I only return it with kissy faces.

The whole walk home was filled with laughter while Yoongi and Tae were meeting us at my house.


"Hey Hobi. Hey Jimin," Tae waved, standing by more door expectantly.

"Hey Jimin!" Yoongi immediately hugged Jimin.

"Hey to you too, hyung," I unlocked the door for my friends.

We all piled in, eager to escape the cold air.

"Anybody thirsty?" I open the fridge, grabbing a Coke.

"I'd like a Coke," Jimin piped.

"Me too," Yoongi followed in suit.


"I'm good, thanks."

I toss the two sodas to Jimin and Yoongi. "So I found Jin's Mario game set that he left here a while back. I wanted to see if you guys wanted to play..?"

"Count us in." Yoongi replied, Tae nodding in agreement.

"Jiminie, you wanna play?" Jimin shook his head softly, takes a seat and watches the screen. I give him a look, hoping my friend is okay. But nevertheless, I continue.

"Prepare to lose," I winked, plopping a seat on my bean bag chair and grabbing a controller.

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