Painful Beauty

Four best friends, inseparable since Kindergarten have lived normal lives. That was until one snowy December day, something horrifying happens leaving one of the four teens paralyzed. Since then, not one of them has ever been the same but same or not.. romance buds.


12. Chapter twelve

​Unknown's POV

​I stay silent on my end, knowing immediately the person on the other side by the name of Taehyung will figure out I'm not Yoongi just by my voice. I decide to hang up but text him instead- throwing him off.

Yoongi (Unknown): sorry I can't talk rn. They'll hear.

​I await a response.

​Taehyung: where are you? do you know?

​To keep him off me and my mother's tracks, I send coordinates to a place that's far from here. ​Oh, mother will be so proud of me!

​Yoongi (Unknown): 2333 West Broad St. Seoul, SK. I've been here before- I recognize this place. hurry!

​I turn off the phone, grinning to myself.

"Mi-Cha!?" My mother yells for my name.

"Yes?" I run to her side.

"Go feed the boys. We need Jimin to look his best on your wedding day," She sings.

"Yes ma'am."


​Hoseok's POV


​Taehyung and I get into my car. I have a good feeling who took them and where and I was determined to find out. "Ms. Yoo.. you piece of ***t.." I mumble, my knuckles nearly frost white as I grip the steering wheel.

"Hoseok, where exactly are we going? Whoever took them could be literally anywhere."

"I have an idea on where they could be. I have an idea on who may have taken them as well."

45 minutes later

​I put the car in park on the side of the road. 

"Uh.. Hoseok.. where are we?"

"There's an abandoned building behind the woods. I have a feeling that whoever took them is hiding there." I look at him. Tae unbuckles his seatbelt but I put my hand out, stopping him. "No Taehyung. You stay here and keep watch. Got it?" I grew more serious and intense by the minute. I stomp off into the woods with my phone flashlight ready- not on but on me- ​before Tae could protest or stop me.


​As it gets dark, I turn on my flashlight but keeping it on a low setting so I don't risk getting caught. I continue walking through the woods until I see a mud covered pathway to what used to be a children's hospital. Already, I saw two bulky men covering the door with no weapons. ​They must be sure of themselves, huh. ​I smirk at myself. I remember the bottle of chloroform that's into my pocket and slowly pull it out. ​There's a little bit left. ​Ripping a piece of my sleeve, I dump whatever was left in the bottle onto it. ​Please God, if this doesn't work.. ​I used to run here all the time so I know hidden roads and pathways. I take one to the back of the building. Luckily no one was guarding that side. I press my back to the side of the hospital as I inch closer to one of the guards, my sleeve of chloroform ready.

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