Painful Beauty

Four best friends, inseparable since Kindergarten have lived normal lives. That was until one snowy December day, something horrifying happens leaving one of the four teens paralyzed. Since then, not one of them has ever been the same but same or not.. romance buds.


3. Chapter three

Jimin's pov

Hobi suggests to play with Jin's Mario game set. I'm not really in the mood so I sit on the couch and watch. Hobi looks at me, slightly confused, "Jiminie you wanna play?" I shake my head softly. After 30 minutes Yoongi stops playing and he comes to sit next to me. I look over and see Hoseok giggling and whispering with Taehyung while they glance at Yoongi and I every now and then. I roll my eyes and sip at my coke. I feel Yoongi poke my thigh, "Jiminie~ we aren't strangers you know, you don't have to be shy." I feel my face heat up and I look at Yoongi. Light pink staining my cheeks. "hah no one is shy Yoongi, I've known you for like ever." Yoongi scoots a bit closer, brushing his hand lightly against my thigh, squeezing it. "uh uh" I take his hand and place it on his on thigh, chuckling lightly. I side eye him and he pouts. I will say it is quite cute. 

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