Painful Beauty

Four best friends, inseparable since Kindergarten have lived normal lives. That was until one snowy December day, something horrifying happens leaving one of the four teens paralyzed. Since then, not one of them has ever been the same but same or not.. romance buds.


16. Chapter sixteen

Hoseok's POV


I feel my phone ever so gently vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out to see who it is and Tae's face and name appears on my screen. Tae, don't you know I'm busy. Not now. I click 'decline' and continue to make my way to the closest guard, my weapon of not much destruction ready. I'm side by side with this guy and he has no clue. Drawing in one last breath, I jump on him, practically making him swallow the sleeve. It takes a minute but he knocks out cold, the other guard rushing towards me with an angry and determined look on his face. He takes a swing at me and I dodge- not easily, but successfully. He stumbles forward and I take my possibly only chance and punch him in the face. Because of his size, the guard recovers fairly quickly so before he could hit me, I grab my phone- the only hard thing on my body- and face it on it's side, whacking him upside the head with it. He groans and leans to the side, clutching the spot I had just hit him at. Without wasting another minute, I kick him in the face. Did I break his nose!? His nose begins to bleed and he drops to his knees, pleading now. 

"Please.. I'll keep quiet. I-I'll bring them to yo-"

I grab his head and slam it against the hospital brick walls before he could finish. I start to panic, a stream of blood pouring out of the gash I put into his skull. Oh, no.. please don't be dead. I bend down to check his pulse. I begin to freak as I felt nothing, my breathing becoming heavier and my vision going blurry. No, no, no.. I press my back against the building, slowly catching my breath. Just save Jimin and Yoongi. Just save Jimin and Yoongi. I repeated inside my head. I crouch underneath a window- the only one with light shining out of it. I hear muffled voices and stick my head up just a little bit to listen more clearly. 

"Where is he!?" A womans voice demands.

"I don't know!" Another female voice but younger explains. 

"Mi-Cha.. if I find out you two made another deal and this is it, you're both dead!" The older woman storms away and as she does, the front door clicks.


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