Painful Beauty

Four best friends, inseparable since Kindergarten have lived normal lives. That was until one snowy December day, something horrifying happens leaving one of the four teens paralyzed. Since then, not one of them has ever been the same but same or not.. romance buds.


6. Chapter six

Yoongi's POV

"Tae can tell you."

I looked at Tae, my patience slowly draining. He clears his throat, "We were laughing because I said you need to ask Jimin out already." I immediately grew red as he smirked.

Tae laughed but right before he could do much of anything else, I charge at him. "Tae, you little shit!" I have my hands around his throat in a second.

"Yoongi! Chill!" Hobi yanked me off.

"Relax, I was only messing around," I straightened my clothes, only half telling the truth. I glanced at Jimin. "Don't listen to him. He's being ridiculous." I scratched the back of my neck nervously. I'm sorry chim chim.. ​"Tae, may I speak to you alone really quick?" Before I can give Tae a chance to answer, I grab him by the upper arm and drag him into Hobi's room. "I thought we already talked about this?" I whispered angrily.  


"You were taking too long, Yoongi." Tae rolled his eyes.

"That's not for you to decide. I was waiting for the right moment."

"He's gonna find someone else if you don't man up. I probably even ​helped you back there," he gestured to outside Hobi's room.

I sigh. Maybe he's right. I can't keep waiting for the right moment. Maybe the right moment is now..? F**k! I don't know! Fine, I'm going to ask him Friday. We're supposed to be going to a party this weekend so I'll ask him there. "I'm going to ask him at the party we're going to this Friday. Can you manage to keep your mouth shut for at least two days?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Yea, yea."

I quickly give Tae a hug before heading back to the others, Tae right behind me.

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