Painful Beauty

Four best friends, inseparable since Kindergarten have lived normal lives. That was until one snowy December day, something horrifying happens leaving one of the four teens paralyzed. Since then, not one of them has ever been the same but same or not.. romance buds.


14. Chapter fourteen


Mi-Cha's POV

I make my way to the locked room Jimin and Yoongi are in.

"Who are you and why are we here?" Someone who I assume is Yoongi asks. I don't answer. "Answer!" I jump at the sound of a fist against the door.

I get down to my knees and peer under the door. After a while, someone does the same and at the sight of me, they jumped back. I hear muffled voices for a minute before I'm met with a sharp pain in my left eye. I scream, putting a hand over my eye. My mother rushes to my aid and when she finds out what the boys or one of the boys did, she throws open their door.

"Hello Jiminie," I smile at Jimin who was clutching a lamp but not anymore.

After dropping the lamp, Jimin backs up. "What the hell?"


Yoongi's POV


"Who are you and where are we?" I attempted to sound threatening but my guess is I failed miserably. Since I didn't get an answer, I slam my fist on the door- all my fear draining away. "Answer!"

"Are they close to the door?" I nod at Jimin. What the hell is he doing?

As my anger builds and my patience disintegrates, Jimin crawls to the door to get a faint look on the other side. Before I know it, he's across the room and clutching where his heart is.  "Did they take your phone?" I ask Jimin since mine was clearly taken.

He shakes his head, pulling out his phone. "No but they took the battery."

Before Jimin gives me his phone, I stop him. "I don't need the phone- I need it's stylus."


"You'll see." I get on the floor and stab a pair of grey eyes with the stylus. They scream out in pain and I hear more feet making their way to our door. I jump up and back, in front of Jimin in an attempt to protect him. 

"Yoongi, why would you do that?"

"I had to do something." I tried to defend myself. I know it was an irrational decision but I had a lot of built up anger and just had to make my point across. I chuckle out loud but at myself. "Haha." Get it- point. Across. 

"Hello Jiminie," A girl Jimin is way too familiar with stood with who I presumed was her mother, clutching her eye. She doesn't know me very well but I certainly know her.

"What the hell?" I hear Jimin almost whisper along with the lamp I told him to hold minutes ago fall to the floor.


"Jimin, sweety.. don't you know better than to ruin your brides appearance?" Mi-Cha's mother coos.

"My bride!? We're teenagers and besides- I got rid of her a long time ago and I'm determined to keep it that way!"

​Man Jimin growing balls now. ​"I second that." I step forward.

"Oh, sit down you piece of blonde sh**," Mi-Cha steps forward also.

"I have no problem beating the s*** out of you, Mi-Cha so I suggest you shut that psycho mouth of yours!" I growl. "No one's touching Jimin- let alone marrying him!"

"Is that right, Min Yoongi?" Mi-Cha's mother emphasizes my name. 

"You heard me b**ch!"

"What are you gonna do to stop that?" She crosses her arms, smirking.

"See.. when you put us in this room, you failed to take out a few things.." As I trailed off, I yanked the lamp from the floor and smack Mi-Cha's mother upside the head with it. She falls to my feet- knocked out cold and I'm met with a shocked and shaking Mi-Cha. 

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