A twist of love and other poems

A mermaid falls in love with a unicorn. A witches take of Love. This and more.
Will they have a happy ever after? Or is it destined to fall apart.


1. A twist of love.

I remember it vividly still.

an iridescent horn piercing through the depths,

lighting up the black water.

Awe filled me as that horselike creature showed me light for the first time.

the ocean stilled around me,

two silvery hues gazed down in understanding,

as if to tell me "it's ok".

scared and 'fraid

I reached up,

I wanted that light to fill me.

and in that instant, my hope was lost above the currents.


gliding through the sea,

I struggled to find my light,

my hope, my desire.

But far did it escape beyond my reach,

never seen again for many moons.


Desire grew in my soul

want turned to need,

I longed to control that unicorn which had once escaped,

I longed to see once more that light it had cast.

I was trapped in that spell of its.

A once proud merman was I no more,

scraped and bruised apart by yearning

by a creature as fickle as the sea.


What was I then?

who moved to find her,

I who was broken with want of her,

I who had ventured too close to the sun in hopes of seeing her once more.

I was nothing without her,

I was dying without her.


As the tides passed

and time moved on,

I had resigned myself to death.

A single horn pierced the sea once more,

I was free!

I had her again!

She was mine and I was hers.


Quiet as an eel,

I slithered up toward my unicorn,

My love was hers,

My life was hers.

I only needed to reach out and drag her down to the depths with me.

I needed her just as she needed me,

I saw the need in those silvery hues,

but my beautiful unicorn just didn't know it yet.


My arms wrapped around her smooth neck,

her white mane tangled betwixt my fingers.

I stared into her beautiful silvery eyes before they clouded over.

silent as a lightning bolt, and just as deadly,

I felt her horn pierce my chest.


My life was complete,

my life was hers,

and she stole it from me.

I felt a smile twitch upon my lips,

blood stained the sea as I sunk into its depths.

I loved her still even as she snorted and ran away

there she left me,

even as I was still hers.

Ahh, I thought,

this is what love really is.


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