Artemis fowl's crush

What happens when Artemis Fowl Meets A Girl that makes him want to lmpress her. What happens when they grow close but Artemis secret might ruin it. Little does he know she has some secrets of her own.


1. The girl

Artemis Fowl watched the girl move quietly and swiftly through the rows of books."Artemis.Artemis?Artemis Fowl!" Butler's voice drifted through Artemis's head. "What was that my friend?" Artemis said,tearing his eyes from the gorgeous girl, "Honestly Artemis I don't know what gotten into you". Butler said following Artemis' gaze, sporting the girl he smirked. Artemis Fowl was lovesick."I knew thoughts Harmones would get a hold of you sooner w later ". Butler chuckled." I don't know what to do!" Artemis said. " why don't you say hi she is a normal human being. She not Cupid!" Butler said giving Artemis and push." Stop it Butler.What if she swallows me alive!" Artemis Protested. " You should literally hear yourself Artemis.




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