Artemis fowl's crush

What happens when Artemis Fowl Meets A Girl that makes him want to lmpress her. What happens when they grow close but Artemis secret might ruin it. Little does he know she has some secrets of her own.


2. Dang!

The boy didn't have do any walking, the girl came over. "Um are you guys done with those books?" She asked staring In Artemis's eyes. "Ugh!" Is all Artemis could form. The girl had brown hair that seemed to blow without wind, green eyes and a school uniform that only she could rock. "I mean yes we're done with these books can I help you shelf them?" Artemis asked." Sure ". She said. When she turned away Butler gave Artemis a thumbs up. The twoteenagers shelved books and talked and laugh. Her name was Jessica.  It had been almost two hours before she said they thing he had been waiting to hear. " do want my phone number or house number?" She asked him. "Both!" Artemis answered. She wrote her 

phone number on her arm and her 

house address. Artemis got home 


that evening Juliet greeted them. 

"What's on your arm?" She 

asked."Nothing" Artemis said. "Ohh 

just a girls phone number". Butler 

blurted out.Artemis through Butler a 


dirty look. "What's her name!" Juliet


said suddenly interested .  " Jessica!" Artemis said.


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