Drew Lange

Shy and nerdy Drew Lange is unbeknownst of what his secret crush knows.


1. I've Seen You

Drew Lange was crushing on Malcolm Grey today. Malcolm was a bold God with hot thighs and charming lips.

Drew walked over to his desk and looked out the window at the winter view. He had always hated the crowded school with its ancient, imposing gates. It was a spot that heightened his sense to feel distant.

Then he heard something behind him, a hand on his left shoulder. It was the class rebel- Malcolm Grey.

Drew stiffened. He focused on his English textbook. He was a sympathetic, quiet tea drinker with white skin and a skinny build. His mates saw him as a sweet, nerdy writer. Last term, he had balls enough to tutor the Football team captain.

Still, not so much as a sympathetic nerd who once dared to tutor the infamous Football team captain, was aware of what Malcolm already knew of him.

The snow flurried like swarming gnats, making Drew calm. Later that afternoon, he felt a firm wide hand palm his ass while he enjoyed a hot shower after Phys Ed class; he savored the sudden and warm surge that grew in his groin.

Drew entered a restroom stall and soon Malcolm neared him slowly and teasingly, he could see the dangerous smirk on his lips. 

Malcolm eyed Drew with the hunger of a wild bear. He said in a whisper,

"I've seen you and I know 'bout you."

Drew looked at Malcolm, now more hard and erect feeling his cock rise.

"Malcolm, I'm- I don't know wha-" he started.

They locked on each others lips with fiery abandon, like two frisky, naughty cats crashing a very silent night. Drew tasted the heat of Malcolm's mouth and groaned at the strong hand kneading at his meat.

Drew inhaled Malcolm's Gillette scent and kissed back.

"I didn't think you'd look back" he replied and stroked Malcolm's length.

Malcolm looked irritable, his nerves bursting like a hidden, ticking bomb.

Licking his lips, Malcolm walked out before taking Drew's phone and pressing random buttons, slipping it back into his pocket.

"See you around" he said and left the restroom. 


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