The Elf Woods A novel

Alfred Deane is an ordinary thirteen year old boy from Louisiana. When he enters The Grahame Woods, he meets an elf named Lola whose destiny is to rule her own Kingdom. When their worlds collide, they form a bond that can't be broken.


2. The Elf Woods-Part Two


By four o'clock, Alfred saw the flickering of lights near the woods. He gazed Lola. "Why are the Dark Goblins dangerous?", he asked her. "Because they want to rule the Kingdom. It's in their blood to rule other Kingdoms. I won't let it happen", she said. And Alfred nodded, and hoped that nothing bad will happen to them.


Alfred glanced at the mountains. He watched them, and shivered. "Can anyone go there?", he asked her. "No; no. It's blocked by guards. They're grumpy if you disturb them", she said. Alfred nodded. As the rain continued to fall, both of them waited for the weather to calm before they continued on their long journey.

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