The Elf Woods A novel

Alfred Deane is an ordinary thirteen year old boy from Louisiana. When he enters The Grahame Woods, he meets an elf named Lola whose destiny is to rule her own Kingdom. When their worlds collide, they form a bond that can't be broken.


3. The Elf Woods-Part Three


Lola spoke. "We have to go the Mountains before night fall". Alfred nodded. He watched her, and smiled. "The rain's gone now. Let's move!", he said.

And she nodded.


The elven mountains led to Goblin Pass. 

Two dwarfs were snoring. 

They wore shining helmets, grey chainmail, and black boots on their small feet. They opened their blue eyes. "What do you want from us?", one of them asked grumpily. Alfred grinned. "Have you seen any dark goblins about?", he asked. The dwarf sighed. "Yes, I have. They ride on their horses at Shear Point, three miles to the west of Goblin Pass". Lola nodded. "I know you, Jacob Thorp. And you, Richard Myles", she said. The dwarves looked at her. "Lola, child elf of the Cloud Mountains". And she stared at the dwarfs. They sipped their ale. Alfred saw a dwarf girl cooking dinner. The fresh aroma of the drifted across his face. "Oh, I didn't expect a human boy here. I'm Delia". "Alfred. This is Lola, the elf". She was cooking fresh stew in a black pot; she used a brown spoon to stir with her right hand. When everyone ate, they were telling stories of recent wars...and of a peace that had happened the decade before. Lola savoured the food. By six o'clock in the early evening, the moon's glow arrived in the darkening sky; by seven o'clock, as everyone finished dinner, the talk of fighting off the Dark Goblins, proved to be very real indeed.


Alfred gazed at the mountains. "It's too late to go", Lola said. She had pointed, elven, ears; she had powerful hearing. "Shear Point is nearby", Alfred said. Jacob and Richard shook their heads. "It's six miles to the west", Jacob said. He stared at Richard. They saw Delia was packing everything away. And, as they waited for her to stop, she knew that the time was right to reach their destination before night fall.


Alfred stared at Shear Point.

Up ahead was a sign that read: ​ORCS' HILL. 5 MILES TO THE SOUTH.​ "Orcs! They're dangerous!", Lola said. She saw a group of six orcs talking. Their dialogue was broken by the sound of footsteps. One of them broke off the talk, then turned around. "Ah, Lola! So nice to speak to us", Charleston said. She shivered. "You're too far away from home", Lola told him. "Oh, yes! We've decided to deal with elves like you", it said. And it smiled, gnashed its sharp teeth, and ate its mushroom soup with its friends.

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