The Elf Woods A novel

Alfred Deane is an ordinary thirteen year old boy from Louisiana. When he enters The Grahame Woods, he meets an elf named Lola whose destiny is to rule her own Kingdom. When their worlds collide, they form a bond that can't be broken.


1. The Elf Woods-Part One


The cold weather didn't deter Alfred Deane. 

He stepped into the dreary woods, as heavy rain poured down. He shivered. Then, after he saw a bright light illuminate several small tents, he saw an elf smiling at him. "Good afternoon, human", she said. "Who are you?", Alfred asked. "Lola. I live over there near the mountains", she answered. "Are you alone?". Lola smiled. "I'm never alone", she said. She had long, black hair, blue eyes, and petite. She wore a green gown, and was wearing black boots on her feet. Alfred gripped his brown coat. It was soggy. "Follow me", Lola said. Alfred walked towards the tent. When he went inside, he saw a warm, small, fireplace. "That's better!", he said. He warmed his freezing hands. Suddenly Lola stared at the rain. "My Kingdom is safe from the Dark Goblins. King Soren and Queen Christina have kept their word. I hope that nothing bad will happen", Lola said. Alfred nodded. "I'm sure we'll be safe", he said. And she smiled, and hugged him.

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