Alex sends a letter to BTs inviting them to her house if they need a place to stay or hang out, but she didn't expect them to actual come.


1. The invitation

Alex's POV

"Hey Alex are you ever going to send that picture to them?"Emma asked me. I moved my long black hair out of my eye.

"I don't know I don't think they'll like it,"I said looking down at the picture.

"Your picture is amazing how could they not like it?"Emma said smiling.

"Fine i'll mail it to them,"I said standing up. I opened my computer and looked up the address to send fan mail to bts. I put it in the envelope,but then Emma stopped me and said,"Wait let's leave them a message." I grabbed a piece of paper. Then for an hour we wrote and wrote trying to find the write words. Then we came up with the perfect letter.

Dear BTS,

I heard your coming to America soon. If so you can stay at my house I have 7 bedrooms vacant or if your not cool with staying at my house for the night you can always just come hang with me and my friends for a couple of hours. Also I made a portrait of all of you. And I know it's bad, but I still hope you like it.

From Alex, Emma, Isabella, Sophia, Ava, and Olivia.

Oh almost forgot my address is *************. And we live in a small town so you don't half to worry about paparazzi.

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