Alex sends a letter to BTs inviting them to her house if they need a place to stay or hang out, but she didn't expect them to actual come.


3. The drawing

Emma's POV

I knock on her door three thousand times, but there was no answer. I opened the door to see her working on another drawing. Then I noticed she had her headphones in.

"You guys can watch her work,"I said smiling.

"Isn't she going to hear us?"asked Ava.

"No she's in full work mode...nothings taking her out of that,"I laughed. We all got closer to her  to see her drawing while also trying not to interrupt her. As we all got closer she suddenly said,"All done!" Turning around in her chair. Then she stopped when she saw who was in the room.

"You finished my flower!"I said looking at the paper in her hand.

P.S I didn't make this

"Well done,"Jin said smiling making my heart melt, but then all the other members started complimenting her and I got really jealous.

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