Alex sends a letter to BTs inviting them to her house if they need a place to stay or hang out, but she didn't expect them to actual come.


10. Fallen angel

Alex's POV

We walked onto the stage. There weren't that many people? What happen to the others that were here? Was that all just in my head? I hate my life. I looked over at the girls and they looked like they were having a mental break down.   I walked over to them and whispered,"You see the door is if we play loud enough more people will show up." They all smiled at me. There we go! As they were seating up their instruments I walked over and grabbed a mic. I had never used one of these before, but I had to if I wanted everyone to hear me. As I walked back out with the mic everyone stared at me as if I were a ghost

"What?"I asked.

"I have never seen you use a mic for our concerts,"Ava said. I grinned at them. I walked to the front of the stage. Me heart was pounding so fast I thought I might have a heart attack.

"Let's let everyone hear our amazing music!"I yelled. The music started I got ready. Now!

Other band member's POV

What the fuck she has the voice of a fucking angel! It's so beautiful.

Alex's POV

Yes! I sang louder and louder. And as I did that more people came in soon the place was packed. I looked around to see if my fellow band members were okay and to my surprise they were more than okay. They looked so happy.

Jimin's POV

"Where could they be?"V asked the maid lady. 

"I don't know I just clean!"She yelled at us. We walked away from her and asked all the staff there, but no one knew. Where are you Alex? I really want to see you. We decide to walk around a little bit.~Music~.

"Who is singing?"Suga asked. We walked towards the noise. When we entered the club. The voice of an angel echoed throw out the place.

"Ok the next song is original I came up I hope you like it,"The voice said. I knew that voice from somewhere, but where. We got closer. It was Alex. We all looked at each other. This was I side of her I had never seen. That we hadn't seen from any of them. Alex was so different on stage then in real life. She was nice, innocent, and sweet. This Alex on other hand was not innocent she was sexy.

When she was done she said,"That was legendary lovers."(This song is real you should listen to it some time)

"It's how me and the members feel about some people,"She said smiling. Was she talking about me? I mean it's obvious for the other members, but not for me. They exited the stage and were about to walk to a table when these men stopped them and started pulling on them. We were going to run to them, but a man stopped us.

"Don't,"he said looking at us.

"I'm guessing your friends with Alex,"he said especially looking at me and Suga.

"Want you to learn something about her that will be important later,"he said looking away back at the girls.

"Hey where's the angel?"One of the guys asked. Alex just stepped out of the circle. The guys walked up to her. I heard a smack and all three went down. Alex was still in a punch position. Did she just....Punch them. The men were on the ground still awake.

"If your looking for a bunch of sluts you've come to the wrong place,"she said coldly.

"The strip club is down the street,"She told them.

"Now I'm only going to ask you this once so....just leave!"she yelled. I didn't know this girl. Is this even Alex?

"She's not what she seems at first..a?the man asked. He walked up to her and we followed.

"You know now I get why they call you the fallen angel,"he said smiling at her.

"Huh why's that?"Alex asked.

"It's because you have the voice of an angel and the attitude of a demon,"he said grinning. She just started laughing.

"I guess your right, but you have my personality wrong,"she said looking him in the eyes.

"I'm nice if you get to know me unlike what those guys wanted,"she still hadn't noticed us at all.

"Plus I had to protect my members,"she smiled.

"Oh by the way what are you guys doing here,"She said looking at us. All the girls came at use and started hugging their boyfriends or what ever their relationship was called.

Alex's POV

Wow they probably saw the whole thing and I'm guess my brother probably scare them. Wait a second why are they even here?I'll ask them later when were in a more private place.

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