Alex sends a letter to BTs inviting them to her house if they need a place to stay or hang out, but she didn't expect them to actual come.


6. Black and White

Alex's POV

I had now arrived in Korea. What am I going to do now? There was no one here to pick me up. At least I have their address. I started walking and walking.

"Why did they half to live so far away!"I yelled. Finally after for hours I arrived at their place. Luckily they had given me a key. I looked around a little bit, but no one was around so I just sat on the couch.

"Who the hell are you?"Someone asked from behind me. I turned around to see Suga. He was still in his pajamas which was super cute.

"I'm Alex the artist who did your portraits,"I said.

"Oh your early,"Suga said tiredly.

"Sorry to disturb you...I'll just go then,"I said getting up.

"Wait here,"he said before walking away. I sat back down on the couch.

After 10 minutes he came out and said,"I'll keep you company till they get back."

I smiled at him and said,"Thank you." Then we watched TV and talked, until we fell asleep next to each other. I woke up in his arms. How does this even happen? After a little bit my phone rang.

"Hello,"I said.

"I hey I,"was all the words I could make out before Suga throw my phone across the room. Then he snuggled up to me again while smiling. Later he let me go. Then the rest of bts came through the door. They all apologized for me having to walk to their house.

"Can we see the drawings now please,"V said. I smiled at him and took out the drawings in my bag.







"Do you mind if I ask why there all in black and white?"Jin asked.

"No, not at all.....there all in black and white because that's how all my drawings are,"I said smiling.

"To be honest I don't know why I draw in black and white,"I smiled. I knew why, but they didn't need to know that, while not yet at least.

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