Alex sends a letter to BTs inviting them to her house if they need a place to stay or hang out, but she didn't expect them to actual come.


9. Band info

Alex's POV

It had been a mouth since we last as bts and to be honest I miss all of them. At least my plan was in action. My plan was for us to become famous an when I say 'as' I mean Ava, Emma, Isabella, Sophia, and Olivia. We decided to become a band like bts, but a little different. Everyone had their own part to play in our songs. Ava played bass guitar. And let me tell you she was a natural. Emma played guitar and was a background singer. Olivia played the drums. She wasn't a natural like Ava was, but she is now as good as her. Isabella plays the keyboard or piano. Luckily I didn't half to teach her since she had taken lessons. Thank god for that. Sophia played the violin, cello, and was a backup dancer and singer. Lastly I was the singer, rapper, and song writer for the band. Oh also I'm the leader. Just had to say that...It's not like I'm bragging or anything. We also had come up with band names for ourselves. Olivia is Flare because of her fire like red hair and awesome drumming skills. Ava is Sofia because I don't know why. Emma is Sky because when she plays the guitar you get one heck of a breeze. Isabella is K because it sounds good some how? Sophia is Rose because she likes Roses. And final mine is Kai, but everyone calls me the fallen angel for some odd reason JK I know why, but I'll never tell. Together we make up the best band ever the RK wings. Yeah I know what your all thinking that that is the worst name ever. And to be honest I completely agree. We voted and I didn't participate so I guess it's my fault. Ok, ok I'm rambling on now so let's just get back to the story. We have started to get the word out about our band and more and more people have been coming to see us. Today we will get to preform and there is a lot more people then there has ever been. I could tell some of us were nervous including myself. 

"Hey everyone cheer up,"I said and everyone looked at me.

"We won't be alone on stage we have each other,"I said smiling. Their faces brightened up. Yes I made it throw to them.

"It's time to go on stage,"I said smiling. It didn't matter if they were ready or not. It was time. We walked on stage.

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