Alex sends a letter to BTs inviting them to her house if they need a place to stay or hang out, but she didn't expect them to actual come.


13. Bad

Alex's POV

Nothing happen after that. The summer went by really fast and we gained popularity. Thanks to me!! ;) We all moved to Korea. We even bought the house next to bts. And when I say 'we bought the house next to bts' I mean me. Yes they were still dirt poor. You know I don't even feel bad for them. I know that's really bad. Anyway...RK wings has officially been sponsored. The thing about our sponsor is that they have only ever had boy bands not girl we felt pretty good when they asked to sponsor us.Now thanks to them we play in front of thousands of people. And were even on the internet! They don't have a lot of pictures of us yet, but they will! I know their really giving, but they asked us to change a couple of things. Like what part we played in the band. No not instruments. God none of them can sing or dance! How are we even a band!!! They wanted to change how we acted on stage and in public places. Instead of me being the nice one I'm now going to be the bad girl. Not even the other band members know. I'm so bad. I know it's going to need some work. At least I could practice on stage in front of thousands of fans. Yay! Kill me now. Tonight was another one of our concerts. 

Jimin's POV

Tonight we would go to see the girl's concert. I'm so excited!!!! I hope they do great. I looked over at Suga who was happy too, but too happy. What is going on in his mind? We walked out the door.

Emma's POV

We walked on stage. Everyone greeted us. Where was Alex?

"Hey where's Alex?"I asked Ava. She shrugged. Holly shit! Alex walked out with blue short hair.

Wow she looked good. 

"Let's have a good concert,"she said while grinning.

Jimin's POV

Whoa! That is the best hair color I've ever seen. She looks so different with her hair like this and her new clothes. Is she a bad girl now!!!!!!

Suga's POV

Damn! I thought she was hot already, but this...this is a new level. I do wish she kept her long hair, but what ever.

I looked around to see all the boys with their mouths open. Yeah shes the hottest member.

Alex's POV

Yes my plan worked! I've even got the crowd screaming my name. And my band mates look surprised too. I did like my hair. I was dressed in all black from head to toe and to be honest it was actually more of my style. Good girl gone bad classic. I signaled for them to start playing and they did. I sang, danced, and had fun. It was now time to go. It was now for my favorite thing of the whole concert. The good byes. I was last. I put two fingers to my lips. Then I took them off and made my finger into a peace sign and winked at the same time.  The crowd went crazy. Best concert ever.

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