The Diary of Mae Holland

Mae had a perfectly normal life. She was a sweet and innocent child. That all changed in a single day.



4. Entry 3

Entry: 3

Age: 15

Dear Diary,

I know, I know! Sorry I haven't written in 7 years! I've been in an out of hospitals and my dad gets mad when I write.

My mom died 2 years ago, but it hurts too much to talk about. My dad's abuse has gotten worse. He hits me every day at 7 am, 12pm, then 6pm; it's like clockwork. Then at around 1 am he comes in, touches me, and then he pulls his pants down and "gives me what I want". Whenever I scream he acts like it's because I enjoy it. The worst part is when he's done because he kisses me on the crotch and says "I know you enjoy it." If I say no he hits me 'till I bleed, and if I say yes he goes again but this time he does everything and forces me to do the same to him. After he's finished for the 5th time, he kisses my breast and says "I'll be back tomorrow."

One time my uncle was over and she heard it all, but instead of coming to help he did it to me, too! Literally EVERYONE in my family knows it happens, but they won't admit it or help.


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