Alone in the dark

About a boy who ran away from home...


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The graveyard was completely silent and appeared to be deserted, but I could sense that someone close by was trying to say something. I turned around, but nothing was there – just silence. Whenever I took a step, the pebbles under my feet was loud to hear. I tried to catch my breath; I slammed the door shut and ran off after fighting with my parents. Maybe it was not the cleverest thing to do, but I felt the need for some alone time. The moonlight led up the white church in an almost magical way. I just stood there, admired the cross at the belfry, the old mahogany door, the light wind in the birch trees; all combined with the sound of a lonely owl.

I walked up to the door to check if it was open – it was not. I turned around on my heel and kicked to the pebbles with the tip of my shoe. I slogged around between the tombstones, reading the names of people, laying, dead in their coffin under the earth: ‘R.I.P. Christine Williams, born April 15th, 1931 - dead January 8th, 1963.’

I began to count the tombstones – one, two, three, four, five… But suddenly something cached my eye. It had my name on it. I blinked again and again, praying that the name would disappear - It did not. With hesitating steps, I got a little closer to the tombstone - ‘R.I.P. Jonathan Gayle Richardson.’ I almost did not dare to look at the years, but I had to. ‘born November 2nd, 1998 -’

I forced a deep breath and my eyes had gone wide. It could not be true, I read it repeatedly, but that was what it said – my birthday. I looked down to see that there was no date of death. How could it be? Something was not right here, and I was not sure whether I wanted to find the answer to my question or not. My legs started moving me backwards; away from the tombstone. I shook my head and, quickly, walked to the opposite side of the graveyard.

I heard a loud howling from somewhere in the dark. I looked around – it did not sound like an owl. With a glance at the moon, I noticed a creature at the top of the hill. A wolf? I had read about them in books, seen them in movies, watched series with them in it, but never had I seen one with my own eyes. I walked to the edge of the wood, so I could have a closer look at the wild animal; the wolf. It was beautiful; a bit larger than an average dog. All majestic under the moon - howling out in the night. I smiled to myself what a- I could not find the words to describe the night.

I decided to walk back to the church. Searching for another entrance, I found a back door. I grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door open! I stepped inside but held on to the door – afraid that it would shut close behind me. I, immediately, regretted it when I saw a blueish shadow hover through the room; a ghost chained to the floor.

I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran home. My heart was racing and I almost cried when I entered the house; letting out a sigh of relief. I realised that I had forgotten what we were fighting about; I just wanted a big hug and tug under my duvet, burying my head in the pillow. 

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