Jeff The... Lover?

This story is another Jeff The Killer based story. Except this is from the perspective of a victim.... a very scared victim who eventually grows to understand him


2. Tim McGraw.... Yes using Taylor Swift song titles....

​M​y strawberry-blonde hair whipped in the wind and my blue eyes glimmered in the moonlight as I talked to my mom and dad. 

"Mom, can I go in the woods?" The wind shook the trees as well.

"Alright, but just don't go near the patch of Nightshade dear!" ....This is where the fun only begins. I walked toward the woods as I felt this eerie presence watching over me. Mommy always told me it was an angel so I smiled. There, straight ahead of me, I saw a patch of nightshade flowers, I don't know what I was thinking but something caused me to go toward them. I had my pack on my back because I planned to camp out in my tent in the woods that night. I decided to pick a whole ten to twenty flowers and thought maybe if I turned it into a mint nightshade tea it wouldn't kill me. Dumbass​. With that I wandered aimlessly to my tent and heard the howl of the wolves. 

"Shut up, puppies! You know I'm not afraid of you." I sat out by my campfire brewing my tea when all of a sudden my fire went out. 

"Shit. Really?" I looked around before striking my flint and steel together to make another fire. It stayed. "Okay that's weird." I said to myself. My tea was finally finished and I had a cup. It tasted exceptional. I grabbed my phone and pulled up what happens if you drink nightshade tea. The words YOU DIE.​ Seemed to stand out on my screen. ​Why am I not dead yet?​ I looked at my hands and noticed my whole body was glowing a gold color. I decided to keep it to myself, after all, no one's gonna believe that I turned into a momentary light show. That night, I crawled into my tent and tried going to sleep. I yawned as I tossed and turned uncontrollably. Finally, just when I thought that I was going to drift off into a deep sleep I felt that feeling I was being watched again as I heard the zipper of the tent wiggle around. I thought nothing of it. If its an animal, I wanna die anyway, and it probably won't bother me if I don't bother it. If it's mom or dad, they'll see I'm asleep and either wake me, or leave me alone. I closed my eyes. Until I felt something touch my thighs. They were hands. Soft, like my mother's but yet they were too soft... They weren't rugged and tender like my father's. Who could it be? I just kept my eyes shut in fear. They ran their hands up and between my inner thighs. The second they almost reached my panties, I shot up. 


"Shhh... it's okay..." The deep voice said. His eyes were a dark brown to the point they looked black. His skin was pale and for that moment, my heart skipped a beat. I looked at him in silence as he pulled out his knife. Thinking quickly, I moved to the side before he could hurt me. He pulled the knife back up and I dodged past, running straight out of the tent. 

"I just want you to go to sleep...."​ I ran away partially crying but for the most part trying to scream for mom and dad, that is, I wanted to scream but nothing but whimpers came out. I bolted into the house, shut the door and locked it.

"Whoa, dear what's wrong? Where's your pack? I thought you were sleeping in the tent...?" Mom could see the fear in my eyes. 

"There was a man out there mom! He was trying to kill me... Please, you have to believe me." Mom looked out the window which has a direct view of the tent. Her and I saw nothing. I was so confused. I could've sworn I saw him. His pale face and black hair left an imprint in my memory. 

"Alright, why don't you sleep in here tonight?" I nodded furiously. NO WAY was I going back out there....

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