Jeff The... Lover?

This story is another Jeff The Killer based story. Except this is from the perspective of a victim.... a very scared victim who eventually grows to understand him


5. Should've Said No...

I go home that night, I see my dad's car is gone. He's probably away on yet another job. I unlock the door to see my mom bound and gagged on the couch. I gasped for air as I stared in both fear and fascination... There he was. The man I was afraid of in the woods the other night. 

"I've been waiting for you, Anya-Marie... or should I say 'the shade goddess'." I looked at him confused. "I'm not after you..." he laughed manically. "You're special.... And kinda gorgeous.... I'll save you for last." He winked at me. I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or scared. "But right now, your mother must smile pretty." He dragged the knife across his tongue which surprisingly did nothing. Must be a dull blade to make things more painful... I thought. ​God dammit. I am now thinking like a psycho serial killer. 

"Please don't hurt my mom, Jeff... There's some good in you. I'm sure of it." He looked at me, smirking. 

"This isn't bad, I'm making her beautiful.... like us, dear goddess."

"What are you talking about?" I asked. My mom was squirming on the futon. It looked like she'd escaped from one of the ropes holding her down.

"Isn't it obvious? That's why you survived, that's why you shimmered as bright as gold in the woods... that's why your mother is no longer needed. That's why eventually, you'll be coming with me." He looked at me with his eyes dilating almost with lustful intentions. He looked down to see my mom trying to untie herself. "Oh don't you dare, you sassy girl." He took his knife and stabbed it through her wrist. I saw tears run down her cheek and even though the gag prevented me from hearing her screams I couldn't help but hearing her in my mind, unleashing a blood-curdling scream of agony. 

"MOM!" I shouted while the words 'you don't need her anymore' echoed all around me. I was shocked when suddenly I felt at ease with the fact my mom had just been shanked in the hand. 

"I'm going to make this slow and... painful for you." Jeff said to my mother as she squirmed. I just stood there. Frozen. What should I even do...? Call dad? That might end up killing him too... If he's coming back tonight, Anya, he's gonna die anyway. Knife stroke after knife stroke, I watched until he slid the knife across her throat. It was almost like a hot knife cutting through butter. All my zoning out ceased as Jeff looked up at me. My eyes widened in horror. I knew there was no saving my mother now. I bolted for the door but he didn't follow me. He just stared.


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