Jeff The... Lover?

This story is another Jeff The Killer based story. Except this is from the perspective of a victim.... a very scared victim who eventually grows to understand him


3. Our Song....


T​he next morning I woke up and went to school. I wasn't exactly... the most popular girl in the school but I had friends named Phoebe and Tucker. I walked in the door and I immediately saw Phoebe munching on her breakfast bars as usual. 

"PHOEBE!" I exclaimed as I grabbed her arm. "Come to the bathroom with me, we need to talk." 

"What? Is it Rob again?" Robert was my obsessive ex boyfriend, he had a few tendencies of being a creep. 

"No! It's something much, much worse." I dragged her in the bathroom. "Yesterday, I went for my normal slumber party in the woods like I do every weekend..." 

"And that's so bad, how?" She asked with a slight twinge of irritation. 
 "I'm getting to that.... I drank nightshade mint tea yesterday..."

"YOU DID WHAT?! An, you know that stuff should kill you in a matter of hours from consummation right? What time did you drink it?" Phoebe asked curious.

"I recorded the video of me boiling it at 7:30 pm and consumed at 9."

"Alright so you made it 12 hours without dying from nightshade...." She said calmly. "YOU MADE IT TWELVE HOURS AFTER DRINKING NIGHTSHADE?!" She seemed to have processed her own sentence. I looked at her. "That's not even the worst. Approximately midnight I went to bed. I was then greeted by a strange man in my bed who almost raped and killed me!" Her eyes widened. 
"What did he look like?" She asked slightly worried. 

"Jet black hair, brownish black eyes, very fair skinned. Red lips... he was smiling..." Phoebe's eyes grew wide as she shook me. She paced back and forth as she repeated the word 'fuck' dozens of times. 

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Please tell me you've heard the lore around here..."


"You're dealing with a fucking serial killer, An... His name is Jeff The Killer."

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