The Sorceress of London A novel

London, England, 1632.

In the 17th century, Ronan Shipp, a servant-boy, finds out that a mysterious Sorceress of the Black Arts, Lady Andrea Hart, has powerful supernatural powers. When he meets her, their worlds collide...ending in a battle of wills that challenges his belief in magic.


5. London, England, 1632-5


The Sorceress was watching the window.

She looked around.

"Ronan, I knew it was you. Do you seek the ancient sword of magic?", she asked him. "Yes", Ronan answered.

"You shall not have it. It belongs to me". Ronan saw her long, green gown. She walked boldly towards the bookshelves. Ronan gazed at the musty old hardcovers from a century ago. He knew they were valuable. "What price shall I have to get the sword, Sorceress?", he asked her. "You work for me", the Sorceress explained as way of an answer. Ronan thought about it. "Fine, I agree", he said. And he shook his head, as the Sorceress used magic from a book. Green, red, and black, coloured smoke erupted like a volcano. Seconds later, she walked near the chambers; she was eager to show her powers. Ronan ignored her. He grabbed the magic sword in his left hand, and ran up towards the stone steps. Once he was free, he ran as fast as he could back to the old wizard's room.

And he knew that he had succeeded in his quest.

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