The Sorceress of London A novel

London, England, 1632.

In the 17th century, Ronan Shipp, a servant-boy, finds out that a mysterious Sorceress of the Black Arts, Lady Andrea Hart, has powerful supernatural powers. When he meets her, their worlds collide...ending in a battle of wills that challenges his belief in magic.


4. London, England, 1632-4


The castle was enormous.

Ronan walked along the wide bridge.

Two guards were watching him.

They wore a black helmet on their heads, black chainmail, and black boots on their feet. Next to their feet were silver swords. Ronan noticed they were eager to prevent him from entering. "Password", one of them asked in a stern voice.

"Moat", he said.

"Lucky", the second soldier stated.

And he walked inside, and grinned.


The room was huge.

A small wizard was writing on his quill. He looked up, and saw Ronan.

"Ah, servant-boy. I was expecting you".

"Me! I haven't seen you before", Ronan said.

"You're looking for the Sorceress".

"I was looking for a key".

"An iron key, perhaps".

"Yes, to lock a door to her room in the castle. I'm Ronan".

"Zachariah, the Grand Wizard of London".

"And you're here to use magic?", Ronan asked him.

"Magic isn't for anyone, Ronan. It can be used for good or ​evil. I intend to stop her". And he grabbed his purple cloak that was on the dark brown wall to his left, and smiled. Ronan gasped, as the wizard gave him it. "Use it wisely", he added. And Ronan nodded. He opened the black iron door, and noticed it was dark. He noticed several lamps were embedded in the edges. He placed the key in the deep left pocket of his breeches. Then he grabbed a lamp in his right hand, and walked down the cobbled steps towards the Sorceress's dimly-lit chamber room.


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