The Sorceress of London A novel

London, England, 1632.

In the 17th century, Ronan Shipp, a servant-boy, finds out that a mysterious Sorceress of the Black Arts, Lady Andrea Hart, has powerful supernatural powers. When he meets her, their worlds collide...ending in a battle of wills that challenges his belief in magic.


3. London, England, 1632-3


The Shoal Woods was a vast, eerie, place. Only dark orcs, trolls, and goblins, lived there. Ronan looked at the front entrance. Written on it were the words: ​DO NOT PASS YONDER HERE LESS YOU SUFFER​. Ronan saw several goblins near a roaring campfire. They were snoring loudly; they had their sharp goblin daggers near their clawed left fingers. Their green skin was covered in warts; their feet were covered in grey boots. He took a long, deep, breath; he walked towards them. Before he could do anything, he saw a dark wizard grin at him. He had long, black hair, a grey robe, and red boots on his feet. On his right hand was an ancient staff. "You seek a sorceress, child of the eternal Light". Ronan blinked his eyes. "Yes, and I need a sword that she holds in her castle", he said. The dark wizard smiled. "She is as powerful as I am; she is awaiting you. My name is Rohmer". He grinned at him. Ronan nodded. "And now you're here to warn me?", he asked. Rohmer smirked. "Alas it is true, child of the Light. Everyone has bestowed an honour on you because of fate". Rohmer shook his head. He watched dark clouds hover above their heads. Then, as thunder boomed in the morning sky, Ronan raced away towards the old castle....and towards his destiny.

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