The Sorceress of London A novel

London, England, 1632.

In the 17th century, Ronan Shipp, a servant-boy, finds out that a mysterious Sorceress of the Black Arts, Lady Andrea Hart, has powerful supernatural powers. When he meets her, their worlds collide...ending in a battle of wills that challenges his belief in magic.


2. London, England, 1632-2


The way forward was near the cobbled road.

Ronan saw a pale white horse that was drinking water from the river. "What are you doing here?", he asked it. The horse neighed. Then he saw a girl riding her horse. She was wearing riding clothes, and black boots on her small feet. Ronan gazed at her. "Princes Georgia. How are you this eve?", he asked her. "Do I know you, boy?", she asked him. "Yes, I serve under Master Rowell of London Town. I'm Ronan", he answered her. "And what do you do now?", she enquired. "I'm looking to seek a sorceress, Princess", he said. She shivered. "We know of a sorceress named Lady Hart. She's wicked", she said. Ronan shook his head. "I seek an old sword that's in her castle that's invaluable to those who seek it". Princess Georgia nodded. She wore a silver tiara on her head, a gold gown, and black slippers on her slim feet. On her right hand was a diamond ring.

"If you find it, you may travel across the Kingdom lands", she said.

"If you need me, Princess, I'll be grateful to serve under you", Ronan bowed. He smiled, as he kissed her gently on the mouth.

The Princess blushed, and spoke.

"I'll leave you be, Ronan. Mother and Father needs me at the Kingdom. Farewell!". And Ronan nodded. He walked towards the Shoal Woods...and made sure he was safe from danger.

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