Love's Pain

Two young friends jut ended their short relationship. Arguments and trouble arise Between them. Can the two find out their true feelings for each other before Hate tears them apart?
Zaria and Sam are both 8th graders that take advanced classes. They are real people that go to my school. This story is based off of their feelings and meetings after their break up. This story is not 100% true but it's foundation is. Please enjoy.


1. Lovers No More?

Sam came home from a long day at school only to find Zaria waiting in the living room talking to his dad. She smiled as he walked by them to his room. He didn't smile back. Mark suggested that she should go talk to him and she excused herself. She walked into his room only to find it a mess. Sam was sitting at his bed staring down on the floor. When she Zaria entered, Sam didn't even acknowledge her. She sat down beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Sam, what's wrong?"

"I've had a long day that's all."

"Come on, Sam. A long day never made you look this down before."

"I'm fine, Zaria, really."

"Okay," she stood up and walked towards the door, "I'll be downstairs if you want to talk." He didn't reply.

Sam finally came down into the living room. Zaria and Mark were in the kitchen deep in conversation again. They hadn't noticed that he was present, so he decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"-he's been like this all week actually. He won't even talk to me about it when I ask."

"It's like he doesn't want me to know, but I don't think he should handle it on his own."

"Why? Do you think I'm weak?" Sam made his presence known, dramatically.

"Sam!" Zaria was at a loss for words. Mark began to walk over to his son to try to calm him.

"Samuel, calm down. That's not at all what she was trying to say. You do understand that, right?"

"I understand that you want to get involved in my business when I asked you not to, Dad"

"Sam? You've never acted like this before. What's going with you?"

"It's not me. It's the fact that Zaria thinks she can force herself back into my life!" Zaria couldn't say anything to that. She didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry that I caused this." She grabbed her things and left.

"Sam, that is not the way I taught you to treat females! Sit down. You and I need to have a long conversation."

"I couldn't care less about her. She's ruined my life way too much. I thought I'd be a good idea to date her and try to get out I my comfort-zone, but I see that that was the worst mistake in my life and I regret it completely."

"Sam, she says that she truly cares you and still does. I believe her. How could you not after all he effort she's put into caring and helping you lately. None of your other friends went out of their way to do what she's doing. Does that not mean anything to you at all?"

"No it doesn't," Sam's face said otherwise. He didn't think about it this way. He only saw her as annoying and irritating.

"Sam, you need to apologize to Zaria. She's been through a lot with you and you won't even acknowledge or thank her for it. That isn't how I raised you, and I don't want that to become a habit. Fix it James."

Sam sighed, "Yes sir."

"Zaria helped make dinner, so it'll be done in a few minutes." Sam walked back to his room and immediately Skyped Zaria that he was sorry about what happened today and for everything else.

Zaria replied half and hour later saying that it was ok. She also asked why his room was a mess. Sam replied that it was because he was stressed the day before and didn't clean his room up afterwards.

After a while of doing nothing, Sam decided it was time to clean up. It didn't take him that long to return the room to its usual spotlessness. He went down to the kitchen for dinner. His dad had already placed his plate at his usual seat. Sam sat and ate with his dad having little to no conversation. He didn't want to, for he still processing what happened earlier and what was going to happen first period the next day.

Once Sam had finished, he got up with his plate, and walked to the sink to wash it. He was going to go to his room after that but he saw his dad standing in the doorway watching him.



"Is there anything you want?"

"Actually yes. I'd like for you to spend the rest of the day with me. You don't need to be in your room on your computer."

"Okay, Dad, what do you have in mind?"

"How about we watch the Packers game tonight?"

"Sounds great, Dad!" Mark let out a sigh of relief.

Zaria couldn't keep her mind off of the Sam incident, and it wasn't good for her mood. She too had had a long stressful day, but she didn't want anyone to know. She kept wondering why Sam hated her so much.

"He said that I ruined his life," she whispered to herself, "more like he destroyed mine. Every since he broke up with me, my life has been hell on earth. It's not that he cares, so why in hell would he tell me he's sorry?" She looked over their last few messages before they split ways.

"Hey Zaria"

"Hello Sam"

"Up for a fan fiction?"

"If you are then sure"

"Ok then

Sam pulls Zaria in for a tight brace"

"Zaria accepts immediately"

She continues to read until she got to the part she hated the most.



"I think we should end this"

"The relationship?"


"Oh ok"

Part if Zaria still felt that pain and sadness, all the words that she wanted to say, but couldn't. She hated herself for not confronting Sam about it the next day, but how could she? She'd make a scene and a complete fool out of herself in front of everyone.

"Why did it have to be Sam I fell in love with?" She could feel the tears. Beginning to fall, "Shit stop crying, dumbass. He isn't worth it-"

"Am I?" Sam stared at his dad I'm confusion.

"Of course. You're just going through a rough time that you're not used to. It'll pass by soon. Don't worry, Sam," He looked at his watch, "bed time, my boy. I need rest after the day you've had." Sam got up I head to his room.

"Good night, Dad."

"Good night."

Zaria had her eyes fixed on the glow in the dark stars above her head.

"Good night, Sam"

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