The Witch of New York 3 A novel

Ellie is now a witch with powers. When she struggles with her parents' divorce, she and her cat, Candle, arrive at The Regal Tavern...where she meets Edward the elf...who tells her that she's in deep trouble.


3. Ellie-Part Three


The Regal Tavern ​was still open. 

Ellie saw Anton smiling at her.

"My Lady, you're back", he said. She hugged him. 

"Yes, I am. My parents are divorcing. I don't know what to do", she said. Anton frowned. He held up a goblet of apple cider. "Here, drink this", he said. Ellie smiled. Once she drank, she felt relieved. Suddenly she saw Lucinda. The woman glided towards her in a long, black, gown; she grinned at her. "Ellie, how nice you are to arrive here. Everyone was concerned about you", she lied. "I doubt that, my Lady. A lot of people want me dead...and jailed in a rotten cell", she said. "Yes, that's most unfortunate", Lucinda stated. Edward the elf warmed his hands. He focused on the black chairs. "Ellie is part of us, Lady Lucinda. She won't be harmed". Lucinda grinned, then she bowed...and glided towards the cold chambers.

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