The Witch of New York 3 A novel

Ellie is now a witch with powers. When she struggles with her parents' divorce, she and her cat, Candle, arrive at The Regal Tavern...where she meets Edward the elf...who tells her that she's in deep trouble.


4. Ellie-Part Four


Ellie saw a dark orc was asleep. It had long, black hair, a warty nose, and tall. To its right hand was a sharp spear. Candle, her familiar, hissed at the orc. It opened its black eyes. "Don't bother me, cat. I'm sleeping". Ellie let her cat jump onto her lap. Suddenly she heard the sound of voices outside. She walked towards the arched, grey, front door. She opened it. To her relief she saw Lord Abrahamson and Lady Abrahamson and their three regal children: Princess Delia; Princess Francine; and Prince Lowell. A young driver named Hollis watched her. "Girl, let us pass", he said. "I'm a witch, Sir. And ​I can cast a spell on you", she said. Princess Delia, who was twelve, gasped. "Can you really cast a spell, witch?", she asked her. "Yes, Princess. And this is my familiar, Candle". The cat hissed at her. "Then you can visit my Kingdom near New York. You can travel with us there if you like". Ellie thought about it. "Edward the elf shall take me there", she said.

She smiled, and headed to the back of the carriage.


Ellie glanced at the Kingdom near Times Square. 

She was used to the bright, garish, signs in America. Nearby was the Dark Woods. Candle stayed at Ellie's left side. Princess Francine, who was thirteen, and Prince Lowell, who was fourteen, shivered by the unnatural cold. Suddenly they saw The Dark Elves' Post. Barbed wire surrounded the front entrance to New York. "Halt!", Garrison, the Dark Elf soldier, said. It was holding a sharp dagger in its right hand; it wore a grey chainmail. Its black breeches were dusty; its black boots were rusting from heavy wear. Its long, black hair was dirty. Its blue eyes were focused on Elle...and her black cat. "Child of light magic, state your name?", Garrison asked. "Ellie, child witch of the human world of New York", she answered. Garrison nodded. "Come with us to meet the ancient Sorceress". Ellie gasped. She blinked her eyes; she hadn't imagined seeing a Sorceress. Maybe she was too young to deal with old magic; maybe she would decide on what kind of magic she'd use against her enemies. She nodded, and then she saw a massive grey castle. And, as she saw a large, brown, bridge that was full of fresh water in a moat, Ellie saw three knights standing at attention. They wore silver helmets on their heads, grey swords by their right sides, sliver chainmail, and black boots on their huge feet. "What is the password?", the first knight asked her. "Postal", Ellie answered. The knight smiled. "Ah, a worldly child of magic. You can pass", the knight said. And Prince Lowell gasped at the witch's magic, as he sensed an impending dread as Ellie walked inside the old castle with her black cat.


Ellie saw a servant-dwarf. It was biting on a piece of chocolate. When he saw her, he stopped eating. "My, oh, my! A young witch! It's so lonely here in the castle of Lore". Ellie shrugged. "Castle of Lore! It's so poetic. I'm Dorothy". Ellie nodded. "I'm Ellie, a witch in the human world. And this is Candle, my familiar", she said. The servant-dwarf nodded. It had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and short. Its brown breeches glowed in the dim hallway. Its black boots were battered due to age. "You need new boots, Dorothy", Ellie said. "Yes; yes, I mostly am walking around the castle fearing they'll fall to pieces, witch". She sulked. Ellie thought for a moment. "Edward, do I have some gold coins?", she asked the elf. "Yes, my Lady. One hundred and fifty of them. It's part of the pact between the human witches and elves a lifetime ago in The Silvery Woods", Edward answered her. "I...I need fifty gold coins for the dwarf's new boots". And Dorothy gasped in surprise. "Oh, thank you, witch! Thank you", the dwarf said. And, as she hugged her, Princess Francine spoke regally: "You're rich", she said. "I am a witch who has means to do good in the world. I won't behaving like an evil witch", she said.

And she smiled, and held onto Candle in her arms.

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