The Witch of New York 3 A novel

Ellie is now a witch with powers. When she struggles with her parents' divorce, she and her cat, Candle, arrive at The Regal Tavern...where she meets Edward the elf...who tells her that she's in deep trouble.


5. Ellie-Part Five


The secret chamber was cold. 

Ellie saw two trolls snoring.

"Get up!​", she ordered. The trolls opened their black eyes. They gazed at the witch. "Don't bother us, child of spells", the first troll said. She watched them continue to sleep. "We need to go to the other rooms", she said. "You can't, child. It's the Master's chamber". Ellie stared at them. "And who ​is the Master?", Ellie asked it. "Lord Blood Stone", it answered her. And she sighed, and knew that this roadblock wasn't in her thinking until she decided to leave with her cat.

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