But just as he had turned around the corner to leave, he heard a ruffling noise. And this time when he looked back he saw the black cat, standing in quite the awkward pose as it was trying to make its way into a trash can, it’s tail swishing. He was caught by surprise, having of course heard of the black cat. How could he not have? Everybody was always going on about what a demon creature it was. He was quite sure he had heard the baker actually tell a customer that she had seen it, and that it had the horns and tail of a demon. He grinned at the thought of that, seeing the same creature here, crawling into a trash can, with a perfectly fluffy cat-tail. So, this was the cat that everybody was so afraid of? This trash gremlin?


1. Prolouge


”I really think we should get home soon.” the small voice was lost in the loud interior of the car. The air reeked of alcohol, and the teenage girl who had spoken, was mushed in the backseat, between two of her loud, drunk and yelling friends. Nobody had heard her speak, and discouraged she didn't say anything again. She decided to just close her eyes, and hope that the night would be over soon. Her focus floated to the music playing from the car stereo.

♪♫♬ “And I said, there's no such thing as bad luck hon’! Chin up, don’t look back, full speed ahead!” ♪♫♬

“WOOOH!” shouted one of the people in the car. “YOU HEARD THE MAN P! FULL SPEED AHEAD!”

Laughter echoed through the car, and the girl felt the car slow down for a moment, before propelling forward, at speeds that couldn’t possibly be legal. She shut her eyes tighter.

♪♫♬ “Live in the moment, love the world, don’t regret, never forget” ♪♫♬

All of the voices in the car were now singing along to to popular song, and the girl crossed her arms and bend in on herself. She was getting more uncomfortable by the minute, and found herself praying for the car to go faster so she could just get out and go home.

♪♫♬ “Before you know it yeah-Before you know it!” ♪♫♬

Oh hey, shit dude, P Watch out, there's something on the road!”

♪♫♬ “Its all gonna be over, and you wont get another chance” ♪♫♬

Suddenly the girl was jerked forward, and her eyes opened in shock to a horrifying scene. In a brief moment she saw a black shape, with two bright yellow eyes in the cars headlights, but the next thing she knew that car had glided on the ice, and they were all heading straight for a wall of solid brick. P struggled with the wheel, as they all braced for impact, screaming and shouting. The girl felt her friend latch on to her, hugging her tight. “I love you Clara.” Clara was about to reply when-

♪♫♬ “And I said, there's no such thing as bad luck hon’! Chin up, don’t look back, full speed ahead!” ♪♫♬

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