How to solve embarrassing moments!

I have to say I have done millions of things for me to land embarrassed or awkward . And I still do . But here are my comebacks to every embarrassing thing that I’ve had to live with !

Have you ever had that really embarrassing/awkward moment where in your head your saying ‘why did I do that ?’ Or ‘why does this always happen to me?’ . Well here are your solutions to embarrassing moments! Well they’re more like funny things to say to make it better for yourself buuut meh .


29. Solution 27!



When your walking around or for me when your jogging in the park and you realise there’s mud all over your leggings / trousers from the back and people are starting -


Solution - Act very cool about it ! “Does anyone have any water ? I’ve just ran through a lot of mud you know a few meters for a charity . You know getting mudy to help!” Yeahhh that’s what you should say / act like .


“Just ran through lots of mud for my next fighting competition. Yeah no biggie ...”


Its all all about acting cool about it so they understand ...


Next solution will be from one of my amazing readers ! Xx


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