How to solve embarrassing moments!

I have to say I have done millions of things for me to land embarrassed or awkward . And I still do . But here are my comebacks to every embarrassing thing that I’ve had to live with !

Have you ever had that really embarrassing/awkward moment where in your head your saying ‘why did I do that ?’ Or ‘why does this always happen to me?’ . Well here are your solutions to embarrassing moments! Well they’re more like funny things to say to make it better for yourself buuut meh .


18. Solution 17!

That moment when you don’t know if someone gives you gum out of generosity or because they think you have bad breath .

Solution- 1: take the whole pack of gum from them . 2: throw the gum on the floor and smash it with your foot . 3: breath of them so they can smell that breath ! 4 : Stand back , smile and walk away like a bosssss. 5: go enjoy some fried chicken because of your accomplishment :)

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