Dr.Sofia Bell’s Life

Sofia’s job is very demanding. On her first day as a Surgeon at Erickson Hospital she already meets Dr.Liam Payne and gets a drink what is she supposed to think?

(New name and description)


6. Chapter 3

*The Next Day*

Sofia’s POV

I decided to sleepover at Dakota’s because she was having really mini panic attacks.

“Hey Dakota!!” I yelled across the apartment

“What!?” She yelled back

“I made breakfast!” I continued to yell

“Ok” She said standing right behind me

I jumped and spun around.

“Did you really have to do that?”


“Fine, here is bacon, pancakes, and some whipped cream; because a girls got to live”

“Thank you so much!”

“Hey have you gotten sick at all?”

“Like morning sickness?”


“Nope and I am really glad”

“Well that is good”

After we finished eating we got dressed and headed for work. On the way there I realized that Dakota was getting worried again.

“Hey everything is going to be fine!” I say as I grab her hand

“I hope so, but what am I even supposed to say? Hi I slept with you 12 weeks ago and now im pregnant with twins!! Yay!!!”

“Well not like that but basically, I can be in the room if you want me to”

“Ya that would be nice”

Niall’s POV

Today is my first day at Erickson Hospital! I have always wanted to work there. Well let me introduce myself. My name is Niall Horan, I am a double board certified Trauma surgeon; I also have always wanted to start a family but that is not really possible with my job so I guess that will never happen. It is kind of sad but this is the job I want. Better to have money to feed one mouth than no money to feed three. Anyways I took a shower this morning and am on my way to work, im not feeling very confident right now because well you might think this is stupid but I lost my high school ring about 3 months ago and the teacher that bought me that ring is the reason I am a surgeon. See I was VERY poor and the one thing I wanted was a class ring so Mrs.Stapley got all of the teachers that knew me to donate 5$ so I could get that ring. Mrs.Stapley was my Science teacher but unfortunately she died three days before Christmas the year after I graduated. I wear that ring to honor her and I had a one night stand and lost it; I can’t even get it back because I don’t remember the address to her place. Well I need to go find Dr.Erickson to tell her that I am here. I ask a nurse and when I get to her office I knock and I hear “come in” so I walk in and I can’t believe my eyes; there she was twisting my ring around her pointer finger and I just freeze.

Dakota’s POV

“Before we tell Niall I want to tell Dr.Erickson” I tell Sofia

“Are you sure? Don’t you think Niall wants to know before his boss does?”

“Well I don’t want it to get out and her finding it out that way”

“I guess, ok lets go”

We walk through the halls and find Dr.Erickson’s office. We knock on the door and hear “Come In”.



“Well um...” I say twisting Niall’s class ring around my pointer finger

“Well get on with it”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant with Identical Twins.”

“Oh...well congratulations but may I ask who the father is?”

Just then I hear a knock at the door Dr.Erickson says come in and Dakota and me turned around and there he was; Niall Horan the father of Dakota’s babies.

Sofia’s POV

“Oh my god” Dakota and Niall say at the same time.

“Do you know each other?” Dr.Erickson asked

“Well um...” I knew what she was going to say but I stepped in

“Dr.Erickson we will be back to talk about that thing in a couple of minutes, lets just all go to an on-call room.” I say very calmly and lead Niall and Dakota to the closest empty one.

“Ok, Dakota what do you want to do?” I ask very gently

“What are you talking about?” Niall demanded

“I want you to tell him Sofia” She said very quiet

“Tell me what!?” Niall yelled and Dakota jumped

“HEY calm down RIGHT now!” I yell pointing my finger at Niall

“Give me my ring back!” Niall yells pointing to Dakota’s hand

“Niall I need you to sit down with me”


“I just need you to do it”


“Ok so you obviously both know what you did” I look around and they are both blushing at the floor

“So it has been 3 months or 12 weeks and well I’m a Pediatric/Neo Natal Surgeon and I noticed something off about Dakota” Niall’s face thought for a second than realized what was happening


“Hey I’m not done! I checked her out and she is indeed pregnant but it turned out that she has Identical Twins” I look at Niall and now he is staring at me.


“Yep” I say gesturing to Dakota

“Oh my god!” He says standing up and that scares Dakota so she jumps and he sees that.

“No no no don’t get scared! This is the happiest thing in the world!” As he says that Dakota’s face just lights up.

“Really! Are you sure?”

“Yes! We just need to actually get to know each other”

“I am so happy for you two!” I realized they forgot I was there

“Im going to go tell Chief”

“Ok” Dakota responds

As I’m walking out the door I see Dr.Erickson standing right outside the door.

“So I guess you don’t need to tell me now.”

“Ha I guess so, are you ok with that?”

“Nothing I can do about it now.”

“I guess you are right.”

“Always am.” And with that see walks away to her office disappearing behind her door.

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