Dr.Sofia Bell’s Life

Sofia’s job is very demanding. On her first day as a Surgeon at Erickson Hospital she already meets Dr.Liam Payne and gets a drink what is she supposed to think?

(New name and description)


4. Chapter 2

Liam’s POV

I just got home from a very long shift and going for a drink with Sofia. My god that girl is amazing! She is pretty, smart, funny, and saves babies! She can do anything! I think that another doctor might like her too though. I don’t like that.

Sofia’s POV

*The Next Day*

So today I only have to come in for an hour or two to check on some babies and moms. I actually hope I run into Liam.

*45 minutes later*

I just walked into the hospital and everything seems normal so far I just need to change and check on my patients. As I’m walking toward the elevator Liam holds the doors for me.


“No problem, Sofia” he responds

“So what have you done today?” I asked

“Well just an Appy (appendectomy) and a Whipple”

“So calm day”

“Well now you just jinxed it” he replied jokingly

“Sorry!” I said quickly

The elevator dinged

“Bye Dr.Payne!”

“Bye Sofia”

I still think it is wrong to call a doctor by their first name at work but I like the sound of my name out of his mouth.

*One hour later*

I finished with my stuff and went to go change again and when I walked into the lounge I saw the BARE back of Dr.Payne

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” I yelled and turned around

“Oh..hey its fine”

“Not fine. What if you were turned around” I basically yelled

“Turn around”


When I turned he was facing me. His muscles were amazing! So defined and sculpted, he looked so good

“Like this?”He asked


“Fine I will put a shirt on”


When Liam was done I went and changed in the bathroom and started freaking out. OMG I don’t even know what to think! Was he flirting or was it just friendly? I called Dr.Holmes to see if she could hang out.

“Hey Dakota want to hang out?”

“Sure! Where?”

“The bar?”


“Ok see you there!”

“Ya see you there”

That was weird it was like she didn’t want to go to the bar and from what I know she loves to drink after a shift. I wonder what is wrong. When I get to the bar I see her sitting as far away from the drinks as possible.

“Hey why are we sitting here? We can go sit up there”

“Um...back her is better. Away from all of the really drunk people”

“Ok fine that works”

The waiter comes by and I order a beer and Dakota orders a water.

“Why aren’t you drinking?”

Before she could answer I figured it out. She was glowing today, looked a little bloated, and she is not drinking. She is PREGNANT.


“Oh my god you’re pregnant!” I yell across the bar but nobody noticed

“Could you say it any louder!”

“Omg who is the dad?”

She wasn’t in any relationship I knew about.

“See I don’t know that. That is why I didn’t want to tell you yet.”

“Have you gotten an ultrasound yet? How far along?”

“No and 12 weeks”

“Come on I haven’t drank anything yet”

“Where are we going?”

“We are going to the hospital for an ultrasound”

“I don’t want to be seen!”

“You won’t, I promise”


As we walked across the street I could tell she was getting nervous.

“Hey everything is going to be ok”

“Ya I know but I need to find the father”

“Well tell me the story”

“One night I got really drunk because the next day was my day off, and I don’t remember much other than this cute guy and him asking if we could go somewhere else and I took him home and well I woke up the next day with an empty bed and a glass of water and medicine on the nightstand”

“Well I least he cared a little”

“Omg and there was a note but I can’t read the handwriting”

“Do you have it?” I asked as we walked in the hospital

“Ya I will show you when we get in the room”

We got to the elevator and Liam was inside.

“Hey Sofia and Dakota!”

“Hey Liam” we said at the same time

“Omg that was cool” Dakota laughed

“Yep” I agreed

The doors opened and we walked to an empty room and shut the blinds

“Ok give me the note first” I said as I held out my hand


“Oh he must be a doctor”

“Can you read it?”


“Well what does it say!”

“It says, Sorry for leaving but had to go to work, love NH”

“Well that doesn’t give us much”

“Well we should check on that baby”


“Change into these and lay back”

I turned around as she did this.

“Ok I’m done”


I started looking for the baby and found something unusual. I stopped looking around and looked at the screen that Dakota couldn’t see.

“So what do you plan on doing?” I asked calmly

“Well I am going to keep him or her, thats why I need to find the father”

“Ok well I have something you might need to prepare for”

“What is wrong with my baby!?”

“Well nothing is wrong but it looks like you are having twins!”

“Oh my god really!” She asked with a really big smile on her face

“Yep and it looks like identical too!”

“I need to find their dad and soon!”

“We will find him”

I finished the ultrasound and cleaned everything up. We went to her apartment to see if he had left anything behind.

“There might be a sock or something under your bed maybe”

“I doubt it but you can look”

As I bent over I saw something sparkle under the night stand. I walked over and pulled out a ring, more importantly a class ring.

“Look! A class ring! We narrowed it down to a school’s graduating class!”

“That is amazing!!!!”

“I bet he is going to come back for this when he realizes it is missing!”

“Yes!!! We got him!”

“Lets go to the school’s website to see if you recognize him”


We went to her computer and searched up his school than class. We looked for his picture but Dakota didn’t recognize any.

“Well this sucks, what if he doesn’t come back?”

“Wait the note!” I yelled as I jumped out of the seat

“What about it?”

“Go find it!”


When see came back I looked at it and saw the initials NH.

“Look NH how many people do you think have those in this class?”

“Not many”


We searched once again a narrowed it down to two people. Niall Horan and Nick Halls!

“Do you recognize them?”

“Well Nick has blonde hair and Niall doesn’t and the guy had blonde hair but Niall’s face looks more like him”

“What about his eyes?”

I noticed Nick had dark brown eyes and Niall had bright blue eyes.

“God my children’s father is Niall! His eyes are exactly the same!”

“Lets google him!”

“Even though that is creepy, lets do it!”

“As we googled him we found out he is a Trauma Surgeon, double board certified, and was just hired as the new Head of Trauma Surgeon at Erickson Hospital.

“Well it is not going to be hard to find him”

I looked over and I saw that she had pure sadness and disappointment on her face.

“Whats wrong!” I asked worriedly

“If he is a surgeon how is he supposed to help me? Even worst a TRAUMA SURGEON!!! He has no set hours and I was hoping he could help the most especially if he had like a business or set hours job!”

“Oh Dakota you guys will figure it out.”


“He will love them no matter what!”

I checked her pulse and had her sit down.

“He starts tomorrow so we will find him together and tell him, I will be there the whole time even if I have to punch him or something”

“Thank you Sofia! You are the best friend I have ever had!”

“So we are considered Best Friends now!”


“Ok lets go to bed.”


Author’s note PLEASE READ!!!

I hope you like this story and PLEASE tell me what you think and advice would be helpful

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