Dr.Sofia Bell’s Life

Sofia’s job is very demanding. On her first day as a Surgeon at Erickson Hospital she already meets Dr.Liam Payne and gets a drink what is she supposed to think?

(New name and description)


1. Chapter 1: First day

Sofia’s POV

What is that freaking beeping noise! It is so annoying! Well let me tell you about me. My name is Sofia and I am a fetal/pediatric surgeon. Yes I do work on babies before they are born and after too. I moved to Seattle about a week ago and today is my first day at... wait... that beeping noise...CRAP it is my alarm clock! I can tell you more later I have to get up and ready.

When I get up I grab some comfy but stylish clothes because I have a 18-hour shift today, ya I know that is a lot. I have lightish brown hair and light blue eyes. I quickly re-straightened my hair because I blow dried it last night because it is VERY wavy. After I did that I grabbed my purse and bag for my locker at the hospital and went downstairs to my kitchen. I decided to make pancakes with bacon and strawberries on the side. When I finished I grabbed my jacket and bags then left the house. Am I forgetting something? Oh ya I now work at the best hospital in the whole country the Erickson hospital. Once I get in my car I quickly drive to the hospital and find my reserved parking space because I am the Head of Peds and Fetal Medicine, basically I am the boss of anyone working there. I am walking up to the door and was asking a nurse where the attending lounge was, and this doctor walks by and overhears me asking and decides to cut in.

“Hi,Im Dr.Bell Can I ask where the attending’s lounge is?“

“Oh ya it is on th-“

“Hey just follow me im going up there now!”

“Oh ok”

I said thank you to the nurse and turned to the doctor.

“Hi, Im Dr.Bell Head of Peds and Fetal and you are?” (Babies and Children)

“Im Dr.Louis Tomlinson, Head of Cardio.” (Hearts and Lungs)


I shook his hand and followed him to the lounge. When I got in the room I said thank you to Dr.Tomlinson and found my locker. There was already 3 others in the lounge so I said hi.

“Hi, my name is Sofia Bell.” I said to a blonde haired and green eyed doctor

“Hi Dr.Bell my name is Dr.Dakota Holmes Head of Plastics” (Face reconstruction or burn stuff)

“Nice to meet you.”

Dakota introduced me to Dr.May Head of Neuro (Brains and Spine) and Dr.Hudson General Surgeon. (Guts and stuff)

“I guess I will meet everyone else later in the day.”

I changed into scrubs and headed to the peds floor. I walked out of the elevator towards the nurses station when he walked right next to me. His hair was light brown and styled perfectly and OMG his eyes!!! They were like chocolate!

“Hi, Im Dr. Liam Payne Head of General Surgery I don’t think we have met before.”

“Oh Im Dr.Sofia Bell Head of Peds and Fetal Medicine, today is my first day.”

His voice was literally angels and puppies! I realized that I was staring at him and I snapped out of it and grabbed a tablet and asked...

“Where is the Chief’s Office or where can I find her?” (Top Boss of Surgery also she is a General Surgeon)

Then I realized he was now staring at me so I just walked away to find the Chief. I ended up asking a nurse and found her.

“Chief! I finally found you, just wanted to tell you that I am here and starting work.”

“Oh Dr.Bell thank you I almost forgot we got the best fetal surgeon starting today!”

“Thanks, im going to go work now. Bye Dr.Erickson”

OMG THE Dr.Erickson just called me the best fetal surgeon! Like her name is ALL over the hospital! As my day went by I delivered 5 boys, 4 girls and a premature baby girl who is now doing fine and going home in two days. I also met Dr.Sarah Dean Head of Trauma. (Ambulance and ER stuff) I got a page 911 to one of my fetal babies so I ran as quickly as I could to the floor and found her room. This mom has a little baby boy with a tumor on his heart. I had found that the baby’s heart rate was going down so I had to get her to surgery quick and save this baby. I had her brought to the OR floor and had Cardio paged. I started scrubbing and Dr.Tomlinson walked through the door.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked him

“Yes I have been reading up on this” he responded

I said “Ok lets go.” as we rushed into the OR.

After 5 hours the baby was put back in his mother without a heart tumor. A perfect surgery. As I was scrubbing out Dr.Tomlinson asked if I was getting used to the hospital.

“Ya im doing fine, except I can’t find the cafeteria.”

“Well im going now if you want to walk with me.”

“Sure, thanks”

When I got to the cafeteria I got my food and started to sit by myself when Dr.Brown called me over to her table with all the rest of the attendings. The only spot was next to Louis and Liam. I sat down and started talking to everyone except Liam wasn’t talking to anyone he was more like just looking at me. I have got to say that is a little weird. We had almost all been paged to the pit (ER) so we started running to the ER and found a pregnant woman and her son, they were in a car accident. I had another peds surgeon check the boy so I could check the mom.

“Mam, how far along are you?”

“32 weeks.”

“Ok I am just going to check your baby to see if it is ok”

“Its a girl.” She told me very weakly

“Can I get an ultrasound and someone tell me if the mom and son are ok!” I told a nurse and the other doctors around me

“The mom is fine, she is just scratched and bruised” Dr.Dean told me

“Thanks” I said to the nurse that handed me the ultrasound and to Dr.Dean

I checked the baby girl and the fetal heartbeat was strong but the weakness in the mom had me concerned so I decided to keep her overnight.

“Well what is wrong?” The mom asked concerned

“Nothing but I want to be sure” I responded gently

I went over the the son.

“What is your name big guy?”

“Adam. How is my mom and sister?”

“They are fine but they are going to have a sleepover.”

I looked up and found Liam leaning against a wall watching me.

“Where is my dad?” Adam asked

“Well lets just go find out,ok?”


I showed him to his mom and had her give her husband’s number to a nurse so she could call him. As the mom was leaving the ER I asked her if it was ok if I could give him a pudding, she said it was ok.

“Hey Adam want to go find a pudding?”

“Only if it is chocolate!” He said excited

“Ok lets go!”

We walked into the cafeteria and found two chocolate puddings and sat near the corner of the room. I saw Liam walk in as we sat down. I opened Adam’s pudding and then opened mine. I was looking around when I saw Liam across the room staring at me, AGAIN. He didn’t stop until I got up and grabbed Adam’s hand to walk out of the cafeteria.

“Hey, Adam lets go find your mom.”


When we found her room her husband was in there and I gave him his son. I also told him about how his wife is fine but to be sure she is staying here for a night. I walked out and looked at the clock and found that I had 4 hours left of my shift. Since nothing was happening I found an On-Call room (bunkbeds to sleep) and tried to take a nap but as soon as I got in Liam ran in and locked the door.

“What the hell!” I said startled

“Sofia I...”

“What!? You have been watching me all day what could you possibly want?!” I demanded

“I wanted to tell you that you are great with the kids and moms.”

“Well thank you but you could of told me that without locking me in an On-Call room!”

“Im sorry I guess I am just not thinking” He said shyly

“Obviously, now can you leave so I can sleep?”

“Ya im sorry”


When he walked out I fell into the bed and just smiled. I thought to myself, why did I yell at him! He just...GOD I don’t know! I found myself waking up to a page to Adam’s mom’s room. When I got there I looked at the ultrasound and saw that the baby had the cord wrapped around her neck. I told them that she was going to be fine and took her to surgery to unwrap the cord. I couldn’t scrub because the baby was already almost flatlining. I got gowned and hurriedly got to the baby and quickly unwrapped the cord from her neck and her heart rate normalized. When I had finished the surgery I looked at the clock and saw I was over an hour later on my shift. Finally I can go find my bed! I walked into the lounge and found Liam shirtless because he was changing into normal clothes. Let me just tell you it was also perfect! He saw me staring at him and I blushed and grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom. OMG he looks perfect! When I walked out he was grabbing his stuff and he turned to look at me and said.

“Do you maybe want to go get a drink?”

“Um...sure! Just let me grab my stuff.”


We grabbed a drink and just talked for what seems like forever! Eventually I had to leave because I was almost falling asleep at the table so he asked if he could drive me home.

“Sure but that is it.”

“Just a ride” he responded


When I got home he walked me to the door and I knew he was going to try to kiss me so I just said thanks and see you tomorrow. When I got inside I leaned against the door and just thought, HE is into ME! I climbed into bed and fell asleep.

Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading! I will try to update more and tell me if you like it or not and what you think I could do or change.

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