Klance and Percico

All I have to say, is sorry for the cross worlding.


1. Chapter !

"Hey you to." Pidge said, as she came into the lounge, looking upun lance and Keeth, sitting on oppisit sides of the couch.

"Hey." Lance responded. 

"Soooooo, having some quality time...?" Lance glanced at Keeth, "What? You mean with this guy? No. Way. Eww." 

"Lance. Just... gosh, you are soooo immiture." Keeth butted in. "Plus, how wold we be 'having quality time' if im on my phone? Hu?" He held up the divice.

"Well, someone seems pushy." Pidge said, as Alura walked into the room with Hunk, and Shiro. "Okay then. It is time to start."

Keeth glared at her, "Seriously? What do you exspect us to get out of these sessions? Asking eachother questions, and having to awnser them truthfully, with ly detectors?" 

"HAY!" Lance yelled, as the detectors were being passed arround, "Lision, if Alura wants to do these exersises, than we will do them, OKAY?" Shiro butted in, "Come on guys, lets not fight. these sessions could help us get stuff of our chest. Okay?"

"Hey, I wanna say okay to! Okay?" Hunk said, unhelpfully.

"Allright evryone," Alura said, "Is evryone ready?" "Yes." evryone chanted.

"Lance, you start." "Okay then... Pidge!"


"Your a girl, right?" Pidge hesetated, "... Yeah?"

"Well then--"

"STOP!" Alura shouted, "Ok, next."

"Well then," Pidge remarked,"Keeth--" "No"



"Then, Lance," Alura gorned, "Not again."

"Are you gay?" The room stoped. The whole group had been wondering if somthing had been going on with Lance and Keith, but only Pidge had the confedence to ask a question that would defy it all.

"... No... Why?" Lance asked. "... No reson..." Pidge replyed.

"Okay, my turn," Lance said egerly, "Keith,"

"... What?" Keith ansered, anoyed. "What about you?"

'.... What about me?" Keith said, confused.

"Are you gay?" 

"... Why would you ask?" Keith was turning red at this point.

"Don't dodge the question." Lance said, as Hunk egerly awated Keith's anser, allong with evryone else. "Hey, Pidge," He whispered, "Pass the popcorn."

Then, Keith broke, "YES." He said, forcefully and extreemly moody, "I am gay, okay? There, its out. Happy? Retorical question, so don't anser." Pidge came in, "Well, now that were getting to the juicy stuff... i'm... not a she..."

"WHAT?" Lance said, in disbelef, "So, first, you were pretending you were a boy, to try and find your brother, then you turned out to be a girl, and now your a boy again?"

"... Actualy... I'm nonbinary..." They looked down at their feet.

"Aww." Alura said, "I'm so glad you figured yourself out!" Pidge was confused, "You say that as if you've had personal experince," "Why, yes. Did you not know? I'm bi."

"OKAY." Lance said, getting up, "I think that's enugh for today."

"Or is it?" Hunk replied, "Lance. Are you strait?"

"Yes." Lance said, quickly. Just then, his ly detector went off, beeping and flashing.

"AHA!" Pidge said, jumping up and poing acusingly at Lance, "I, KNEW it."

"Okay, okay, now our session is over. I think it is time for bed." Shiro said, and evryone went to their rooms.

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