Klance and Percico

All I have to say, is sorry for the cross worlding.


3. Chapter #

Pidge POV

As Lance and I were in the commen area, Lance on his phone, and me on my laptop, we herd the princess screem from the kichin. We ran in, and saw Hunk in Alura's arms. "Typical," I muttered, and then I realised that Alura was looking extreemly allarmed at the two boys standing across from her.

The one on the left, was about 5"6, broud sholdered with black hair, and a t-shirt. The seccond was slightly shorter, with longer black hair, and a skull tee, and they were both holding swords, the seccond ones made out of some type of black mettal.

"Umm... Nico? Are you shore were in the right place?" the first one asked.... Nico passed out, and the first boy catched him.

Hunk was the first one to speek up, "Uh, hey...? I'm Hunk, and this is Pidge and Alura." I waved, and Alura dropped Hunk. 

"I'm sorry for asking, but who are you? And how did you get abbord our ship? Also, want a cookie?" She offered him a cookie that Hunk had baked.

"I'm Percy, son of posiden, this is Nico, son of Hades, shaddow traval, and yes." Percy took the cookie from Alura's hand.

"Ok," I said, "That, is going to take some explanig, but first, can we get your frind into a healing pod? He... well he lookes unconsious." He replyed with a, "I don't know what your talking about, but it sounds good, so yes."

Hunk helped Percy carry Nico to a healing pod, and then led him to the lounge, while I got evrybody down there so we could all figure out what was going on.

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