Klance and Percico

All I have to say, is sorry for the cross worlding.


2. Chapter @

Keith laid in his bed. His secret was out, and he was supprised to know how much it didn't bother the others. It was almost like they all knew, and were just waiting to get it out of him... 

Lance got redy for bed. He put on his face mask, and staired at himself in the miror... yup, he was still just as good looking.

Shiro, in his room, was thinking about how oblivious Lance and Keith were. About how Evryone was shipping them behind their back, and not telling them about it...

Hunk... was in the kitchen eating.

And Pidge was in their room on their computer. Unknown to the others, they were actualy an extreemly talented artist, but would beg to differ. As they drew, they wished they had someone spetal, somone they could call their boyfrind, or girlfrind...


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