True Love

The story is about three guys that fall in love with the same girl thats in love with one of them. The story is written a bit complex, so it can be hard to read.


10. Who is after Loulou?

Twan ran out of the office straight to Loulou’s room, where the dogs were barking at her door. Marcus came and took his gun up and shot the lock of the door. They went into the room and there was dead silent. The windows were all open. Anna ran over to the windows and looked out of it.

“There! I can see three shadows moving fast!”

That was all Twan had to hear and then he jumped out of the window and landed on in the pool. He then ran after the shadows. The alarm had been set off, so all the guards were ready to fire a shot. The light in the garden turned on and now everyone could see where the spions were taking Loulou. Caspian was the first to grab one of the spions and shot him in the leg. Twan got the other one but was more brutal and shot him four times in each leg. They both looked at Loulou that was laying on the cold grass in shorts and a hoddie. She was cold. She looked drugged and her eyes were red. When Marcus saw what they had done to his precious little daughter, he gave them the scariest killer look.

“Take them to the dungeon and wait for me”

His voice was cold as ice and gave chills down the backs of the guards.

Marcus looked at Loulou and bended down to lift her up on his shoulders.

“Don’t worry dear, daddy is here”

Down in the dungeon:

Twan and Caspian had the spions bound to the wall with their arms and legs stretch. They could see in Twan’s eyes, that would be no mercy.


POV from Twan:

How dare he do this to my sister. My most precious thing in this world. He is going to regret everything. But now I must deal with those idiots. Should I try talk to them or just get down to business? Hmm, I think I wanna do both - talk to them while I torture them. They are gonna regret messing with my family.


POV from Caspian:

WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Did they really think, they just could walk in and take her without anyone noticing? Are they that stupid? They are gonna regret this. NO ONE touch her! If Twan even thinks about going easy on them, he can forget it. They drugged her and then they must be beaten up and killed.


POV from Marcus:

I have got to many things to think about, but the most important is I can’t lose another daughter, I can’t bear the same pain me and Anna held the day Isobel died. I’m never gonna let her out of my sight ever again. I’m glad Twan and Caspian took my place in the dungeon. I wouldn’t have let them talk. I would just kill them, but we need to know who the fuck sent them. No one mess with my family without getting into really big troubles.


POV from Anna:

My poor baby. I shouldn’t have let you go back to school again. They know you’re still alive, so now we must prepare for an upcoming war. No one hurts my baby girl. Who can it be? I must keep myself clam not to stress Marcus or the boys. Marcus is a stressed man and Twan has no limits when it comes to family and especially Loulou - my beautiful boy. And then there is Caspian. He who blames himself even though I don’t blame him for what happened. I have to talk with him, when he is done with the spy’s. 

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